Image from 1917 Suffolk Chronicle And Mercury newspaper.


Born: 1867, Godmanchester, Huntingdon.

Died: 16th July 1917; age: 50; Killed in loss of vessel south of Nikaria Island, Aegean Sea.

Residence: 58, Warwick Road, Ipswich.

Employed as Engineer for 32 years with the Great Eastern Railway steamboats (served his apprenticeship at Stratford Works). William joined the company on the 8th March 1882.

Volunteered in the R.N.R. on the outbreak of war. First with mine-sweeping in the North Sea. Later transferred to the Dardanelles, where he assisted in the landing of troops. William became (temporary) Engineer Sub Lieutenant on the 17th December 1914.


Rank: Engineer Sub Lieutenant/Chief Engineer.

Regiment: Royal Naval Reserves, Continental Marine Staff, H.M.S. ‘Newmarket’.


Memorial Reference:IMG_6458

Panel 27.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial,




Relatives Notified & Address: Husband of Maud Mary Chittock, of 64, Warwick Road, Ipswich.




1871   The Lees, Cambridgeshire.


William was 4 years old and living with his parents & sister.

William Joseph Chittock, 30, a Station Master – Clerk, born Market Weston, Suffolk.

Charlotte Chittock (nee Hubbard), 36, born East Dereham, Norfolk.

Florence May Chittock, 2, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire.

2 visitors.


1881   ‘Spread Eagle’ London Street, Swaffham, Norfolk.


William was 14 years old, a Brewer’s Clerk. He was living with his mother & siblings at the home of his widowed maternal grandmother.

Charlotte Hubbard, 72, an Inn Keeper, born Reepham, Norfolk.

Charlotte, 45, a Railway Clerk’s wife.

Harry Gordon Chittock, 16, a Solicitor’s General Clerk, born Harwich, Essex.

Charlotte Maud Chittock, 9, born Cambridgeshire.


In 1881, William’s father, William, 40, a Clerk – G.E.R. was a lodger at the home of 37 year old, Charles William Kitchener, a Warehouseman.


1891   51, Mornley Green, West Ham, Essex.


William was 24 years old, a Loco Steam – Fitter. He was living with his parents & sister.

William, 50, a Railway Clerk.

Charlotte, 55.

Maud, 19.

1 boarder.


1901   8, Martin Road, Ipswich.


William was 34 years old, a Chief Engineer. He was married and Head of the Household.

Maud, 35.

Maud’s daughter Maud Cavill, 13, born Harwich, Essex..

Maud’s daughter Gladys Cavill, 12, born Harwich, Essex.

William, 6.

Harry, 5.

Percy, 1.


1911   58, Warwick Road, Ipswich.


William was 44 years old, a Chief Engineer – Marine. He was married and Head of the Household.

Maud, 45.

Gladys, 22, a Shorthand Typist.

William, 16, an Apprentice Engineer – Agricultural.

Harry, 15, an Apprentice Engineer – Agricultural.

Ethel, 13.

Percy, 11.

Vera, 9.

Richard, 5.


William’s father, William Joseph Chittock, died 1899, West Ham, Essex. His mother, Charlotte Chittock, died 1912, Southampton, Hampshire.


In 1894, Tendring, Essex, William married, Maud Mary Richmond (1st marriage Caville), born 1868, Dovercourt, Essex.

They had 6 children:

William Richmond Chittock, born October 1894, Harwich, Essex.

Harry Gordon Chittock, born December 1895, Harwich, Essex.

Ethel May Chittock, born 1897, Dovercourt, Essex.

Percy Albert Chittock, born October 1899, Dovercourt, Essex.

Vera Sylvia Chittock, born 1902, Ipswich.

Richard Joseph Chittock, born February 1906, Ipswich.


Maud had 3 daughters:

Elsie Mary Cavill, born 1886, Harwich, Essex.

Maud Mary Cavill, born September 1887, Harwich.

Gladys Cavill, born March 1889, Harwich, Essex.


Probate to Maud Mary Chittock – widow.


William is also remembered on the Liverpool Street Great Eastern Railway Company war memorial, London.


H.M.S. ‘Newmarket’:

On the 17th July 1917, H.M.S. ‘Newmarket’ was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UC-38 (Alfred Klatt), South of Nikaria Island, Aegean Sea. 70 persons were lost, 3 survivors taken as prisoners of war.


William and Maud’s son, Percy Albert Chittock twice tried to joined the Army.

On the 19th October 1914, Percy’s 15 birthday, he enlisted at Colchester, Essex, into the Essex Regiment, 5th Battalion, as a Private, 2665. Percy wrote that he was 18 years old. His true age was discovered, and on the 7th May 1915, at Peterborough, Northamptonshire Percy was discharged and sent back home at 58, Warwick Road, Ipswich – “having made a mis-statement as to age on enlistment.” Percy had served 213 days, his character was Fair.  

On the 8th October 1915, just before his 16 birthday, Percy enlisted at Ipswich, into the 3rd E.A.F.A. (Howitzer) Brigade, 2/1st Suffolk Battery, R.F.A., as a Gunner, 1561. Percy wrote that he was 20 years old. On the 18th April 1916, Percy’s mother, Maud wrote a letter to the Army, and included a copy of his birth certificate to prove that he was not old enough to be enrolled in the Army.

Dear Sir,

 I should like to claim my son out of the Army as he is under age. I am writing this letter in place of his father who is Eng: Sub: Lieut: R.N.R. and is at present on Active Service. I have also pinned his birth certificate to this letter so that you will be able to see his age and I think he would do better in the Mercantile Marines as his brothers are now serving.

Your Faithfully

 M. Chittock

On the 28th April 1916, at Tuddenham, near Mildenhall, Suffolk, Percy was discharged and sent back home. He was described as 5ft 8ins, pale complexion, dark blue eyes and light hair. Percy has served 172 days, his military character was Indifferent.

Percy did eventually join and served with the Mercantile Marines until September 1919.

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