3rd – 4th May 2024.

Photo Exhibition at the Cenotaph, to mark the 100th Anniversary.  

Over 900 portraits of the fallen will be displayed in front of the Cenotaph for 2 days.

11:00hrs Saturday 4th May 2024. A service to mark the 100th Anniversary of the unveiling of the Cenotaph.   

A short service including stories of the fallen from the past 100 years.

11:oohrs Thursday 6th June 2024. D-Day 80th Anniversary service.

A short service to mark the Anniversary.

11:00hrs 10th November 2024. Remembrance Sunday.

Main Parade enter the Park 10:30hrs, Service starts 10:55hrs. 11:00hrs, 2 minute silence. Wreath laying 10:20. Exit and March past 11:45hrs.


10:55hrs Children’s Remembrance Service.

Ipswich Field of Honour, Ipswich Old Cemetery & Ipswich Cenotaph, Christchurch Park.

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