Ipswich War Memorial and Cenotaph

The aims of the Project

To digitally preserve images and create profiles on the individual Ipswich men and women who lost their lives in both World Wars and up to the present, giving a greater understanding to the sacrifice of so many.

Ipswich War Memorial
Over 10,000 Ipswich men took part in the First World War with the loss of 1,481.

In the early 1920’s the Ipswich people hoped to raise £5,000 to build a lasting memorial to these brave men, giving the families the recognition for their sons, brothers and fathers sacrifice. Unveiled on 3rd May 1924. In total they raised over £50,000 enabling the surplus funds to go to Ipswich Hospital who up to 1919 dealt with 7,777 casualties.

World War Two saw over 600 men and women lost from Ipswich.
Every year on Remembrance Sunday over 4000 people gather for the service remembering those lost in all wars.

The project with the help from these brave men’s families wish to remember their sacrifice with a lasting digital memorial which will have a global reach. 
Hundreds of never seen before images have been gathered so far. Some believed to be lost appearing a hundred years later kept as a keepsake by comrades in memory of their lost friends.

From 16 to 60 year olds, of all walks of life from doctors to gypsy, Ipswich Town footballers, and 1 shot at dawn. The WW1 document has reached over 3,000 pages.

With the opportunity to learn more about your ancestors. 
We hope to display the work at a series of exhibitions.

If you have a picture of a family member on the memorial and wish to have them commemorated contact us by email: ipswichwarmemorial@gmail.com or find us on  Ipswich War Memorial & Cenotaph.

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Please note:  This is a none profit organisation and a free website, all images have been digitally tagged and are not to be used without consent of the families, donors or the projects administrators. Commercial resale, publications of detail or images will result in legal action. Please contact us for more details.

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