Born: 16th September 1922, Bucklesham, Suffolk.

Died: 24th November 1941; age: 19; MPK.

Residence: 26, Beatty Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Telegraphist; Service Number: C/JX 157072.

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’




Memorial Reference:


Chatham Naval Memorial,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Thomas & Alice M.M. Smith, of Ipswich.


Father: Thomas Smith, born December 1890, Ipswich. A Motor Driver.

Mother: Alice Maud Mary Smith (nee Dickerson), born April 1892, Bucklesham, Suffolk. A Waitress.


William is also remembered on the war memorial at St. Augustine of Hippo Church, Ipswich.


24th November 1941H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’


H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’ was a Danae-class light cruiser on the Royal Navy. She was built by Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Laid down 5th November 1917. Launched 19th November 1918. Commissioned 13th September 1919.

On the 24th November 1941, (Captain R.S. Lovatt, R.N.) whilst on a decrypted Enigma inspired operation to track down the German armed merchant raider Atlantis and the supply ship Python operating in the South Atlantic. H.M.S. ‘Dunedin’ spotted a mast that suddenly disappeared, it may have been a periscope. She deviated her course to investigate. at 15.26hrs two torpedoes from the German submarine U-124 hit her and she quickly sank. 4 Officers and 63 men survived from a crew of 486. The survivors drifted for 4 days and 3 nights, some died from their injuries from the torpedo attack, others became hysterical and delusional, some drowned, and some were taken by sharks.

Ipswich Man Albert Frederick Charles King also died onboard this ship.

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