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Born: 9th June 1916, Norwich, Norfolk.

Baptised: 9th July 1916, at Holy Trinity Church, Heigham, Norfolk. Parents: George & Elizabeth Day.

Died: 31st May 1941; age: 25; Battle of Crete.

Residence: 793, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Corporal; Service Number: 566247.

Regiment: Royal Air Force, 30 Squadron.


Memorial Reference:

Column 244.

Alamein Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of George Robert & Elizabeth Day, of Ipswich.


Father: George Robert Day, born August 1879, Postwick, Norfolk. A News Compositor – Store Hand.

Mother: Elizabeth Day (nee Hewitt), born June 1877, Norwich, Norfolk.

Image courtesy of Marilyn deMamiel.

31st May 1941


The 30 Squadron was equipped with the fighter version of the Bristol Blenheim, and had been involved in defending Athens. The squadron had then been ordered to Crete and was stationed at Maleme airfield. By the 17th May 1941, Maleme was under constant heavy attack by German bombers and the 12 (out of 14) airworthy Blenheims were flown out to Egypt. However, many of the ground crew from 30 Squadron were stranded on Crete. Under the command of  Pilot Officer Crowther they took to the hills around Maleme where they joined up with New Zealand troops.

Cecil Day was one of the 17 personnel killed from 30 Squadron on the 31st May when the Germans finally overwhelmed the defenders around Maleme. In addition 14 personnel from 33 Squadron are also believed to have died on Crete that day. The men lost are remembered on the Alamein Memorial suggesting that no bodies were recovered, and that they were either burned or beyond recognition.

No. 30 Squadron information courtesy of John Allan.

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