Picture from the Evening Star – May 1941.



Born: 21st December 1918, Milton, Kent.

Died: 10th March 1941; age: 23; Drowned – mined in the English Channel whilst in convoy off Dungeress.

Residence: 1, Belstead Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Able Seaman.

Regiment: Merchant Navy, S.S.’Corinia’ (Workington).


Grave Reference:

  1. Joint Grave 26.

St. James’s Cemetery,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Henry James & Alice Filmer, of Ipswich.


Father: Henry James Filmer, born 1885, Rainham, Kent.

Mother: Alice Filmer (nee Stannard), born March 1893.


10th March 1941


The S.S.’Corinia’ was on a coastal convoy from Blyth to Cowes, she was carrying coal. She stuck a mine in the Straits of Dover. 9 lives lost.


A family note from Norman Millhouse :

My father was a survivor of the Corinia, Able Seaman Wilfred Roy Millhouse, a gunner.

His recollection of the sinking of the SS Corinia was being on the bridge, she was escorted by two naval vessels in parallel and the one opposite flashed “your off course follow us” to which the one leading their convoy replied ” no your off course follow us ” shortly after the ship in front of the Corinia blew up then the one behind then them ,my father remembered a voice fading shouting ” jump lofty! ” (his nickname). He remembered seeing the deck over him as he frantically swam away on his back and was sure he wouldn’t survive but the ship slide away leaving him alone. After a while he remembered feeling warm and the water felt like a feather mattress and he wanted to go to sleep,  obviously hypothermia was taking over, luckily he was picked up by a search light on a rescue boat and his ordeal was over .

I don’t know how many survived this tragic accident but Roy had five children and I for one am grateful he made it !

Photograph of Roy Millhouse in the 50’s while Hydroplane racing.

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