Born: 1st November 1880, Ipswich.

Died: 22nd April 1918; age 38; died of Pulmonary Embolism, whilst a Prisoner of War.

Rank: Private; Service Number: 12256

Regiment: South African Infantry, 2nd Battalion.


Grave Reference:


Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Thomas Pizzey, of Ipswich, husband of Marie Pizzey, of Westville, Natal, KwaZulu, South Africa.






1891   8, High Street, Ipswich.


Robert was 10 years old and living with his parents, siblings & cousin.

Thomas Pizzey, 43, Pork Butcher – own account, born Earl Stonham, Suffolk.

Frances Mary Pizzey (nee Bradstreet), 46, born Claydon, Suffolk.

Frances Anna Pizzey, 20, a dressmaker – at home, born Ipswich.

Priscilla Jane Pizzey, 14, a Dressmaker’s Apprentice, born Ipswich.

John Pizzey, 13, born Ipswich.

Herbert Pizzey, 9, born Ipswich.

Rose Angelina Pizzey, 6, born Ipswich.

Ellen Mary Pizzey, 3, born Ipswich.

Ellen Pizzey, 6 born Holborn, London.

1 boarder.


1901   8, High Street, Ipswich.


Robert was 20 years old, a Baker. He was living with his parents & siblings.

Thomas Pizzey, 53, a Butcher & Greengrocer – own account.

Frances, 56.

Herbert, 19, a Hairdresser.

Rose, 16, a Dressmaker.

Ellen, 13.

1 boarder.


In 1911, South Africa, Robert married Maria Magdalena Knevitte (nee Mare), born 1878. They had 2 daughters:

Rosemary Pizzey, born 1912, Boksburg, Transvaal, South Africa.

Daphne Marie Pizzey, born 6th March 1914, Boksburg, Transvaal, South Africa.


 South African Infantry, 2nd Battalion

South African Infantry, 2nd Battalion






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