Image from the Evening Star – 6th December 1943.


Born: 1924, Ipswich.

Died: 26th November 1943; age: 19; aircraft crashed at Ahrenefelde.

Residence: 184, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich.

Religion: CofE.


Rank: Sergeant/Flight Engineer; Service Number: 1803122

Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 103 Squadron.


Originally buried on the 1st December 1943 in a collective grave with the bodies of the crew at Ahrenefelde, Friedhof. Later the bodies were exhumed, identified and re-buried 13th December 1946.


Grave Reference:

Collective Grave. 7.H.8-10.

Berlin 1939 – 1945 War Cemetery,



Relatives Notified & Address: Youngest son of Samuel & Emily Catherine Barnes, of Ipswich.


Father: Samuel Barnes, born December 1870, Soham, Cambridgeshire. A Printer.

Mother: Emily Catherine Barnes (nee Williams), born January 1881, Towcaster, Northamptonshire.


Peter was educated at Northgate School, Ipswich.


26th November 1943

Aircraft: Lancaster Mk III; Serial Number: JB527; Code: PM-B; Based at R.A.F. Elsham Wolds Station, Lincolnshire; Operation: Berlin. The aircraft took-off at 17:28hrs. The aircraft crashed at Ahrenefelde, 14kms NE of Berlin. The bodies were burnt and badly smashed. Three shirts were found proving three of the bodies to be Peter Barnes, George Prescott and Alexander Mavromatics. The bodies of the 7 man crew were buried in three coffins at Ahrenfelde. The burial was carried out on the 1st December 1943 with full military honours by a Wehrmachtsabteilung (one of the divisions of the German army better known as the Wehrmacht, which translates as ‘the fighting force’), as the military parson was unable to attend due to a breakdown in his transport. The graves were well kept and decorated with fir branches. The Burgermeister’s (the town’s mayor) wife and her friends made a point of tending the graves. After the war the remains were exhumed and interred in the British Military Cemetery, which was carried out with every mark of respect.


Richard Elwyn Vaughan Pugh D.F.M.; Flight Officer/Pilot; age 29; R.A.F.

Donald Seymour Thom; Flight Officer/Navigator; age 23; R.A.A.F.

George William Prescott; Sergeant/Air Bomber; age 20; R.A.F.V.R.

Michael Henham King; Flight Officer/Mid Upper Gunner; age 25; R.A.F.

Alexander Mavromatis; Sergeant/Air Gunner; age 23; R.A.F.

Geoffrey Booth; Flight Officer/ Rear Gunner; age 25; R.A.F.

Richard Pugh. Picture courtesy of David Fell: The younger lady I should think is his wife and older lady must be his mother. The picture is believed to be taken outside Buckingham Palace or taken on the day he received the D.F.M

On the 25th May 2005, Richard Pugh’s medals, including his D.F.M., personal documents and photographs went up for auction at Morton & Eden Ltd., of London. They were valued at £3,000-£3,500.


103 Squadron


11 July 1941 – 26 November 1945, Elsham Wolds.

Lancaster Bombers

Movie footage

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