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Born: 1st November 1925, Ipswich.

Died: 10th April 1945; age: 19; Died of Wounds received whilst serving with the Allied expeditionary force, near Hanover.

Residence: 7, Bright Street, Ipswich.

Employed: at the Ransomes and Rapier – Waterside Works.


Rank: Rifleman; Service Number: 14443227.

Regiment: Rifle Brigade, 8th Battalion (Prince Consort’s Own) (2nd Battalion, The London Rifle Brigade).


Grave Reference:


Hanover War Cemetery,


Lower Saxony,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Ernest Frank & Evelyn May Wolton, of Ipswich.


Father: Ernest Frank Wolton, born October 1899, Little Clacton, Essex. A General Labourer.

Mother: Evelyn May Wolton (nee Cook), June 1901, Ipswich.



Kenneth was living with his parents & siblings at their family home – 3, Main Road, Great Holland, Essex.

Ernest, a General Labourer.

Evelyn, unpaid Domestic Duties.

Rosina M. Wolton, born 1924, Essex.

Dorothy Irene Wolton, born August 1927, Essex.

Daisy Katherine Wolton, born August 1927, Essex.

Robert Wolton, born December 1932, Essex.

Albert E. Wolton, born 1934, Essex.


Kenneth’s parents in happier times.

A family Note: 

The story that we have always been told is that he was shot by a German sniper in the closing weeks of the war in Europe in April 1945 (VE Day was May 8th) as the Allies closed in around Germany. He was only 19. I don’t know how long he was enrolled for but as he is also listed on the Ransomes and Rapier War memorial I can only assume that he worked there before enlisting.
Ken was the second born of 7 siblings.

Kenneth is on the right with a friend on the left. We believer the other chap was named Edward Fisher.

The last letter written home to Daisy before Kenneth was killed:


Rfn Wolton

8th Batt Rifle Brigade

12 Plr. G. Coy



Dear Daisy

I am writing this letter hoping you are well as I am well at the time of

Well Daisy I am sorry I have not wrote before but I have not had alot of
time I have had two letters from you, you know what the army is when it starts moving about it cant stop moving I had a day in Brussels the
other day and it was very nice there, I wouldn’t mind stopping there for
another month or two I hope to be going again some time for a 48 hrs it
was just right when I went there just like a real summers day we have
had some nice weather for a week now I suppose you got some nice weather now
Well Daisy as you say the hun will be sorry it started when it is all
over I should not like to be in his shoes I have never had the luck to
come across Reg yet I dont suppose it will be my luck to come across him
I have seen plenty of chaps from his cor but I have never seen him I am
glad to hear Grandad get about in the garden
Well Daisy talk about Derrick being in the army I said that along time
ago I just like to hear him say something to me when I get home I have
not seen any action yet I dont know as I want to but I suppose I will
befor this war is over

Well Daisy I have not got alot to talk about so I will say cheerio for now






Rifle Brigade, 8th Battalion

Rifle Brigade


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