Born: 1877, Sibton, Suffolk.

Died: 5th July 1900; age: 23; Died of Disease at Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

Residence: Meadow Cottages, Peasenhall, Suffolk.

Occupation: Farm Labourer.

Enlistment Date: 14th March 1899.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 7980.

Regiment: Grenadier Guards, 3rd Battalion.


Clasps Awarded: Johannesburg, Diamond Hill & Transvaal.




1881   Halesworth Road, Sibton, Suffolk.


Jesse was 3 years old and living with his parents, siblings & step brothers.

William Stammers, 49, a Shepherd, born Wetheringsett, Suffolk.

Mary Ann Stammers (nee Thorndike), 36, born Athelington, Suffolk.

George Stammers, 17, an Agricultural Labourer, born Wetheringsett.

Thomas Stammers, 15, an Agricultural Labourer, born Wetheringsett.

Annie Stammers, 12, born Wetheringsett.

Betsy Elizabeth Stammers, 9, born Wetheringsett.

Herbert Stammers, 6, born Wetheringsett.

Alice Kate Stammers, 4,  born Wetheringsett.


1891   Halesworth Road, Sibton, Suffolk.


Jesse was 13 years old, a Farm Labourer. He was living with his parents & siblings.

William, 57, a Farm Labourer.

Mary Ann, 45.

Herbert, 16, a Farm Labourer.

Alice, 14.


Soldiers’ Effects to William Stammers – father.

The Boer War.

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