Registered at birth as JOHN EDWARD PARKER.


Born: 9th September 1911, Whitton, Suffolk.

Died: 19th June 1944; age: 32.

Residence: Ipswich.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 6008890.

Regiment: Royal Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion.

Formerly Essex Regiment.


Grave Reference:


La Delivrande War Cemetery,





Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Charles & Florence Parker, of 32, Wellington Road, Ipswich; husband of Dorothy Parker, of Ipswich.


Father: Charles Frederick Parker, born July 1882, Whitton, Suffolk. A Brickmaker.

Mother: Florence Julia Parker (nee Peters), born July 1884, Coddenham, Suffolk. A Wardrobe Dealer.


In 1941, Ipswich, Jack married Dorothy Mayes.


The battalion landed on Red Queen Beach, the left flank of Sword Beach, at 07:25 on 6 June 1944, D-Day

1st Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, would pass through the village of Hermanville and concentrate south of Colleville-Montgeomery. Because the capture of HILLMAN by the 1st battalion, The Suffolk Regiment caused serious delay to the plan of action, the 1st Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment was forced to make a wide detour around this German stronghold. A and B company, who lead this flanking maneuver, was fired upon by German machine guns from this position and sustained casualties. Eventually, with the remainder of the battalion who took a even wider detour around the left flank, they together attacked another German strongpoint, on the map known as ROVER. This stronghold was dominated by a single building and soon this soon became known as ‘Norfolk House’. The Battalion Headquarters would stay for the rest of D-Day in this vicinity south of Hillman.

The 1st Battalion continued in the forefront of the drive through Belgium, Holland and was finally part of the occupying force.


  • To whom it may concern ,I am try to find a picture of jack Edward Parker.He was my mother’s second husband and died leaving a 2year old son ,my stepbrother,who has never seen a photo of his dad,sadly my brother passed away on Saturday and would love for him to have a photo of his dad with him for his final journey,if you have a photo of jack I would be eternally grateful,thank you reading my request. Yours sincerely Cheryl Clarkson.

  • Dear Helen and Andrew,thank you for trying to find a picture of Jack,I really appreciate you taking the time to try and find one . Yours sincerely Cheryl.


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