Born: 1876, St. Peter’s, St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

Baptised: 29th April 1877, at St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire. Parents: John & Emliy Warwick.

Died: 12th December 1900; age: 24; Died of Disease at Braberton, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Residence: 6, Virginia Terrace, Freehold Road, Ipswich.

Enlistment Date: 18th January 1897.


Rank: Acting Bombardier; Service Number: 18191.

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery, 20th Battery, South Africa Field Force.


Clasps Awarded: Cape Colony, Orange Free State & Transvaal.




1881   Inkerman Road, St. Peter’s, St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire.


Harry was 5 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

John Bry Warwick, 36, a Straw Hat Blocker, born St. Alban’s.

Emily Warwick (Keys), 36, a Straw Hat Finisher, born St. Alban’s.

John Bry Warwick, 11, born St. Alban’s.

Christina Warwick, 7, born St. Alban’s.

Alfred George Warwick, 8 months, born St. Alban’s.


1891   30, Boundary Road, Sandridge, Hertfordshire.


Harry was 14 years old, a Hat Blocker. He was living with his father, brothers, his father’s wife & step brother.

John, 46, a Hat Blocker.

Emily Warwick (nee Shepherd), 28, a Needlewoman – shirts, born Baldock, Hertfordshire.

John, 19, a Hat Blocker.

Alfred, 11.

Frank Charles Warwick, 8, born St. Alban’s.

William Walter Warwick, 1, born St. Alban’s.


In 1899, Ipswich, Harry married Maud Emma Crane, born May 1880, Ipswich, of 6, Virginia Terrace, Freehold Road, Ipswich.

They had 1 son:

Harry Frederick George Warwick, born 1899, Ipswich.


Soldiers’ Effects to Maud E. Warwick – widow.


Harry’s brother & step brother were both lost during the First World War:


Frank Charles Warwick was KiA on the 8th December 1917. He was ranked a Private, service number 8527, for the Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Frank is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.


William Walter Warwick died from Influenza on the 28th October 1918. He was ranked a Rifleman, service number 51842, for the London Regiment (Post Office Rifles), 8th Battalion. William was laid to rest at St. Alban’s Hatfield Road Cemetery, Hertfordshire.

The Boer War.

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