Born: 1893, Ipswich.

Died: 26th February 1919; age 26; Pneumonia – Colchester, Essex.

Rank: Sergeant; Service Number: 7602

Regiment: Royal Air Force, Recruits Wing.


Grave Reference:


East Bergholt Cemetery,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Mrs Louisa E. Folkard, of Ablewhite Cottage, East Bergholt.




1901   20, Bramford Lane, Ipswich.


Harold was 8 years old and living with his mother at the home of his widowed maternal grandmother.

Mary Ann George, 72, living on own means, born Ipswich.

Louisa Ellen George, 38, a Shop Assistant – Haberdashery, born Ipswich.


1911   Raby Castle, Staindrop, Darlington, County Durham.


Harold was 18 years old, a Steward’s Room Boy. He was 1 of 19 servants for Lady Catherine Sarah Vane & her family.

The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) at the beginning of war, the RFC’s responsibilities were to support the British Army searching for the enemy movements and positions enabling the artillery and troops to attack and check the enemy positions. Many planes used photographic reconnaissance for this, but as the war moved on the pilots armed themselves with machine guns and bombs strafing and bombing the enemy infantry positions. To counter this both sides, set plane against plane to protect their positions starting new type of aerial warfare “the dogfight”

Different type of planes were produced from the fighter to the bomber enabling greater distances to be covered bombing and strafing airfields ,industrial and transportation facilities behind enemy lines. Aviation was still in its infancy with low life expectancy for pilots and crew.



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