Image is taken from the Evening Star – 10th April 1942.

Born: 17th August 1911, Ipswich.

Died: 12th April 1945; age: 33; died of Enteritis and Colitis, as a Japanese PoW at died Taiwan.

Captured: 15th February 1942 – Fall of Singapore.

Residence: 102, Handford Road, Ipswich.

Occupation: Sack & Bag Warehouseman.


Rank: Lance Corporal; Service Number: 5835277.

Regiment: Cambridgeshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion – Infantry.


Originally buried at Kozan Cemetery. The body was exhumed, identified by Foreosa PoW records and re-buried 8th July 1947 at Sai Wan War Cemetery.


Grave Reference:


Sai Wan War Cemetery,

Hong Kong Island,

Hong Kong.


Relatives Notified & Address: Son of William & Alice Hardwicke; husband of Rose Hardwicke, of Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex.

Father: William Alfred Hardwicke, born May 1878, Ipswich – died First World War – on the 2nd October 1918, aged 40. A Corporal, service number 473267, of the Royal Army Medical Corps,

88th Field Ambulance. William was laid to rest at Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No. 3, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Mother: Alice Maud Hardwicke (nee Rosier), born 1880, Stowmarket, Suffolk – died 1919, Ipswich.


In 1939, Ipswich, Harold married Rose Southgate, born May 1909, Ipswich – daughter of James Bloomfield Southgate, a boot & shoe repairer and Phyllis Southgate (nee Varley), of 25, Prospect Road, Ipswich.

Rose and Harold had one daughter.



Harold was a Sack & Bag Warehouseman. He was living with his wife at the home of his widowed maternal grandmother – 100, Handford Road, Ipswich, with his brother, sister-in-law, baby niece and paternal grandmother.

Bertha Rosier (nee Ling), unpaid Domestic Duties, born February 1859, Baylam, Suffolk.

Ivan Frank Hardwicke, a Carpenter – House Erections, born May 1915, Ipswich.

Harriet Hardwicke (nee Harris), unpaid Domestic Duties, born November 1916, Ipswich.

Elaine M. Hardwicke, born 1939, Ipswich.

Rose, a Sack Machinist.

Julia Hardwicke, unpaid Domestic Duties, born February 1857, Ashbocking, Suffolk – died 1944, Ipswich.


Probate to Rose Hardwicke – widow.

13th July 1943 Evening Star..


Mrs. R. Hardwicke, of 102, Handford Road, Ipswich, has received a card from her husband, L.-Cpl. H. Hardwicke, informing her that he is a prisoner of war in Japanese hands. L.-Cpl. Hardwicke writes: “Please do not worry as we are all in good health. Plenty of our town lads here, so have plenty of pals. We are well fed so have something to be thankful for. “Other Suffolk men now known to prisoners of war in Japanese hands are:-

Pte. S.C.Bugg, Suffolk Regiment, husband of Mrs. Bugg, 61, Cavendish
Street, Ipswich.

S. Elmer, Cambs. Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer, 36, Orwell Road,

Pte. W. Wade, Suffolk Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Wade, 26,
Tuddenham Avenue, Ipswich.

Pte. Jack Lamb, Suffolk Regiment, husband of Mrs. J. Lamb, 132, Whitby
Road, Ipswich, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lamb, 26, Jupiter Road,

W. Miller, husband of Mrs. W.G. Miller, 30, Vernon Street, Ipswich, and
son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller, 61, Kingston Road, Ipswich.

Pte. C. Alllard, Suffolk Regiment, husband of Mrs. J. Allard, 450,
Nacton Road, Ipswich.

Gnr. T. Theobald, R.A., son of Mrs. Eley, of 24, James Street, Ipswich.

Pte. Stanley Went, Suffolk Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. Went, 15, Back
Hamlet, Ipswich.

Pte. E. Vince, Cambs Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vince, 11, Browning
Road, Ipswich, and formerly of Westerfield.

C.S.M. B.W. Baldry, Suffolk Regiment, husband of Mrs. Baldry, 3,
Parliament Road, Ipswich.

Pte. Charles Hancock, son of Mrs. G. Hancock, 19, Sproughton Road, Ipswich.

Pte. R.G. Drake, Suffolk Regiment, son of Mrs. B. Drake, 480, Wherstead
Road, Ipswich.

Sergt. R.W. Ware, Suffolk Regiment, son of W.J. Ware, 34, Florence Road,
West Bridgford, Nottingham, formerly Ipswich. Sergt. Ware is an Old

Pte. Arthur W. Rolfe, Suffolk Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe,
141, Angel Street, Hadleigh.

Corpl. Peters, Suffolk Regiment, husband of Mrs. H.J. Peters, 54, Regent
Street, Stowmarket.

Pte. Charles Caley, Cambs. Regiment, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
Caley, 1, Cement Cottages, Great Blakenham.

Pte. F.C. Ball, Cambs. Regiment, son of Mrs. F. Ball, Little Blakenham
Common.Herbert Howe, Cambs. Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Howe,
Kingston Farm, Woodbridge.

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