Photograph courtesy of David Webb.

Image from 1917 Suffolk Chronicle and Mercury newspaper.

Born: 1888, Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk.

Died: 11th September 1917; age 29; Died of Wounds – Gas Poisoning. Had previously been gassed, but returned to the front in December 1916.

Date of Entry Therein: 13th August 1914.

Rank: Lance Sergeant; Service Number: 13577

Regiment: Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion.

Medals Awarded: Victory, British War & 1914 Star & Clasp.

Grave Reference:


Canada Farm Cemetery,



Graves Directory :

Frank Austin Sheppard Mann doc (3)

Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mann, of Rushmere; husband of Elizabeth Mann, of 134, Finchley Road, Ipswich.



1891   Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk.

Frank was 2 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Charles Mann, 49, a Farm Labourer, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Anne Maria Mann (nee King), 46, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Charles Alfred Mann, 24, a Farm Labourer, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Frederick Henry Mann, 22, a Railway Labourer – Plate, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Walter John Mann, a Stable Lad – Groom, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Alice Louisa Mann, 15, a Mother’s Help at home, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Ernest William Mann, 14, a Farm Labourer, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Robert James Mann, 12, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Arthur William Dunnett Mann, 11, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Mildred Elizabeth Mann, 9, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Edgar Charles Mann, 7, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Rosabella Mann, 5, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

Ida Annie Mann, 1, born Rushmere St. Andrew.

1901   Seven Cottages, Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk.

Frank was 12 years old and living with his widowed mother, siblings & nephew.

Anne, 56.

Charles, 34, an Agricultural Labourer.

George, 26, a Miller’s Carter.

Ernest, 22, a Maltster’s Labourer.

Edgar, 17, a Horseman on a Farm.

Rosabella, 15.

Ida, 11.

Alfred Mann, 4, born Henley, Suffolk.

1911   Seven Cottages, Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk.

Frank was 22 years old, an Army Reserves – Grenadier Guards. He was living with his mother, brothers & nephew.

Anne, 66.

Charles, 45, a Farm Labourer.

George, 36, a Fram Labourer.

Arthur, 31, a Maltster’s Labourer.

Edgar, 27, a Farm Labourer.

Alfred, 14, a General Gardener’s Assistant – Domestic.

Frank’s father, Charles Mann died 1904, Rushmere St. Andrew, Suffolk.

In 1915, Ipswich, Frank married, Elizabeth Barham, born 1891, Ipswich.

They had 1 child.

Soldiers’ Effects to Elizabeth Mann – widow.

 Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion

 Grenadier Guards

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