Born: 1919, Ipswich.

Died: 26th March 1942; age: 22; shot and killed by another soldier – not a war crime.

Residence: 29, Alston Road, Ipswich.

Rank: Gunner; Service Number: 953106.

Regiment: Royal Artillery, 67 Medium Regiment.(67th (Suffolk) Medium Regiment RA (TA) )

Grave Reference:


Tobruk War Cemetery,


Al Butnan,


Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Charles & Alice Chisnall, of Ipswich.

Father: Charles Chisnall, born Christmas Eve 1875, Ipswich – died 1944, Ipswich. An Engineer’s Fitter & Erector.

Mother: Alice Chisnall (nee Ford), born 1881, Ipswich – died 1929, Ipswich.

In 1930, Charles married Jane E. Stephenson, born December 1888.

Arthur was a member of the 2nd Ipswich Scouts.

Arthur attended Cavendish Street School, Ipswich. Two of Arthur’s classmates and good friends, Jack French and Edward Foulger were also killed in the Second World War.

Cavendish Street School, late 1920’s early 1930’s, (Arthur second row from back left centre) – courtesy of Pat Dowsing.

A school photo of Jack French together with Edward Foulger (who died in SS Scillin incident) and Arthur Chisnall (who was killed fighting in the desert.  All died in the War.

67th Medium Regiment

67th Medium Regiment, R.A. (T.A.)
HQ, 232nd (Suffolk) Bty: Ipswich
231st (Suffolk) Bty: Sudbury

67th Medium Regiment served under command of IV Corps Artillery in the autumn of 1940. It was sent to North Africa in October 1941 as part of the Crusader convoys. It served under 8th Army in the campaigns in the Western Desert from November 1941 until June 1942. It supported the South African attack on Bardia in December 1941. The regiment added (Suffolk) to its name on 17 February 1942. It was captured at Tobruk on 20 June 1942. Due to causalities the regiment was reduced to a cadre on 7 September 1942.
The regiment was reformed at Hunstanton, Norfolk on 7 February 1943 from 167th Field Regiment. It joined 3rd Army Group RA on its formation on 11 February 1943 at 49 Trant Road, Tunbridge Wells. It served in Northwest Europe with this formation from June 1944 until the end of the war.

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