Ipswich War Memorial and Cenotaph

Born: 9th May 1899, Ipswich.

Reported Missing in Action: 13th April 1918; age 18; KiA. Served 1 year and 115 days.

Residence: 160, Cemetery Road, Ipswich.

Occupation: a Warehouseman.

Enlistment Location: Bury St Edmunds; Date 20th December 1916, Age 17 years & 7 months; Religion: CofE. Signed up for the Duration of the War. Height: 5ft 3 ins.



Home: 20th December 1916 – 20th December 1916

Reserve: 21st December 1916 – 8th June 1917

Home: 9th June 1917 – 30th March 1918

France: 31st March 1918 – 13th April 1918.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 30345

Regiment: East Yorkshire Regiment, 10th Battalion.


Medals Awarded: Victory & British War.


Unidentified, the body was laid to rest in a grave for an Unknown British Soldier, until 1920, when the body was exhumed, identified and reburied in consecrated grounds.


Grave Reference:

  1. G. 42,

Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension,








1901   7, Norfolk Road, Ipswich.


Alfred was a year old and living with his parents & brothers.

Frederick William Bradbrook, 30, a Gardener, born Ipswich.

Bessie Bradbrook (nee Rich), 31, born Freston, Suffolk.

Wilfred Charles Rich Bradbrook, 9, born Ipswich.

Frederick John Bradbrook, 4, born Ipswich.

Edward George Bradbrook, 2, born Ipswich.

Reginald Ernest Bradbrook, 2 months, born Ipswich.


1911   7, Norfolk Road, Ipswich.


Alfred was 11 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Frederick, 42, a Gardener.

Bessie, 41.

Wilfred, 19, a Printer at Printing Works.

Frederick, 14, an Errand boy for a Chemist.

Edward, 12.

Reginald, 10.

Maud Alexandra Bradbrook, 8, born Ipswich.

Ivy Grace Bradbrook, 7, born Ipswich.

Thomas Sidney Bradbrook, 5, born Ipswich.

Jessie Ellen Bradbrook, 4, born Ipswich.

Frank Herbert Bradbrook, 2, born Ipswich.

Bessie Evelyn Bradbrook, 1, born Ipswich.

Stanley C. Bradbrook, 1 month, born Ipswich.


Alfred’s mother Bessie Bradbrook died February 1919.


On the 14th April 1919, Alfred’s father, Mr Frederick William Bradbrook wrote a letter to the War Office.



I am writing to you in regards of my son who has been missing since April 1918 and all the news that I have had from the War Office is that he was missing and that is several months back. I have not had official news yet to say that he was killed. I want to know if you will be kind enough to make enquiries about the case and let me know the particulars as soon as you can as I am anxious to know and if he was killed would you be kind enough to see into his affairs and let me know what is coming to me in regards of his pay. I shall think it a great kindness if you will oblige.

Yours Obediently

Mr. F. W. Bradbrook

160, Cemetery Road



On the 25th June 1920, the War Office asked for a letter to be written to the next-of-kin to please accept that Private Alfred Bradbrook, who had been reported missing on the 13th April 1918 is now officially Killed in Action or Died of Wounds.


On the 17th May 1921, two discs and one wallet were returned to Frederick Bradbrook.


Soldiers’ Effect to Frederick W. Bradbrook – father.


Alfred is also remembered on the war memorial at St. Margaret’s Church, Ipswich.


East Yorkshire Regiment, 10th Battalion:

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