Laid to rest at the Field of Honour.


Born: 1883, Hoxne, Suffolk.

Died: 18th November 1919; age: 36; at Ipswich.

Residence: Heckfield Green, Hoxne, Suffolk.

Occupation: Farm Labourer.

Enlistment Location: Hill House, Eye, Suffolk; Age: 32 years & 320 days; Religion: CofE. Signed up for the Duration of the War. Height: 5ft 2 3/4ins. Slight varicose veins.


Service reckons from 20th March 1916; age 33 & 1 month.

Embarked: Folkstone – 12th September 1916.

Disembarked: Boulogne – 12th September 1916.

Posted to the 9th Battalion, Suffolk – 18th September 1916 – 40288.

Joined 9th Battalion – 19th September 1916.


Wounded – 18th July 1917 – in the Field – Gun Shot Wound – right foot.

Admitted to hospital 18th July – 24th July 1917 and inoculated with Anti-tetanic serum – discharged to Furlough.

Hospital Ship – 27th July 1917 – Brighton, England.


ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE – Felixstowe – 26th August 1917.


Surrended to civil power at Eye – 27th September 1917 – handed over to military custody – Felixstowe – and awaiting trail 28th September 1917.

Trail at Felixstowe – convicted and sentenced to be imprisoned with H.L. for one year, sentence commuted to one of 112 days detention by confirming authority – for when on active service, deserting his Majesty’s service with intent to avoid embarkation.

All former Service forfeited on cessation of desertion.


3rd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment to duty 18th October 1917 on expired portion of sentence – 98 days detention remitted under a-c 1484/16 & form ‘N’ – dated Harwich, 10th October 1917.


Discharged – 12th June 1919 – 655226 – 51st Coy, Labour Corps.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 4109.

Regiment: Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion. Transferred to 655226, 51st Coy, Labour Corps.



Grave Reference:


Ipswich Old Cemetery,





1891   Heckfield Green, Hoxne, Suffolk.


William was 8 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

George Wingfield, 43, an Agricultural Labourer, born Wingfield, Suffolk.

Hannah Wingfield (nee Bayles), 40, born Hoxne.

John Wingfield, 13, a Farm Labourer, born Wingfield.

Louisa Wingfield, 11, born Wingfield.

Alfred Wingfield, 10, born Hoxne.

Herbert Wingfield, 6, born Hoxne.


1901   Heckfield Green, Hoxne, Suffolk.


William was 18 years old, a Farm Labourer. He was living with his parents & brothers.

George, 52, a Labourer on a Farm.

Hannah, 50.

John, 23, a Farm Labourer.

Herbert, 16, a Farm Labourer.

George Wingfield, 8, born Hoxne.


1911   Heckfield Green, Hoxne, Suffolk.


William was 28 years old, a Farm Labourer. He was living with his parents & brother.

George, 64, a Farm Labourer.

Hannah, 60.

George, 18, a Ploughman on Farm.


William’s father, George Wingfield died 1916, Hoxne, Suffolk.


Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion

Suffolk Regiment Battalion movements

Friends of The Suffolk Regiment



  • I am just starting to explore at least part of my heritage and am surprised already. I hope I will get to the bottom of the truth about my paternal family so that my mind is clear.

  • Hello Alan,
    William Wingfield was a brother of my Great-grandmother Elizabeth Wingfield. Her son Arthur Knights was my grandfather. He also fought in WW1, survived, and emigrated to Canada in 1922.


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