Born: May 1857, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Baptised: 22nd June 1856, at Halesworth, Suffolk. Parents: Francis & Elizabeth Girling.

Died: 22nd May 1902; age: 45; Died at sea on board the H.M. transport S.S.’Dilwara.’ Served in the ranks for nearly 18 years.

William had seen much active service in South Africa before he was invalided home in the S.S.’Dilwara.’

Residence: 25a, Lambrook Terrace, North West Fulham, Middlesex.


William served in the Soudan Campaign 1885.


On the 15th May 1895, William became Quartermaster Sergeant with the rank of Honourable Lieutenant for the Coldstream Guards.


Rank: Honourable Lieutenant & Quartermaster .

Regiment: Coldstream Guards, 1st Battalion.


Clasps & Medals Awarded: Soudan Campaign + Clasp, and the Khedive’s Star. Belmont, Modder River & Dreifontein + South Africa 1901 medal & South Africa 1902 medal.




1861   Chediston Street, Halesworth, Suffolk.


William was 4 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Francis Girling, 33, a Tailor, born Halesworth.

Elizabeth Girling (nee Waters), 30, born Halesworth.

Louisa Girling, 3, born Halesworth.

Frank Girling, 2, born Halesworth.

Harry Girling, 1, born Halesworth.




William was 15 years old, a Pupil Teacher. He was living with his widowed father & siblings.

Frank, 43, a Tailor.


William’s mother, Elizabeth Girling died 1867, Halesworth. His father, Francis Girling died 1896, Halesworth.


On the 25th April 1883, at St. John of Jerusalem Church, South Hackney, East London, William, a Staff Sergeant of the Coldstream Guards, married Clara Maria Ball, born 1858, Woodbridge, Suffolk. Both of 21, Southborough Road, Hackney.

They had 3 children:

Bessie Louisa Girling, born 1884, Chelsea Barracks – died 1890, Halesworth, Suffolk.

William P. Girling, 1889, Middlesex.

George Patrick Girling, born 1893, Chelsea Barracks.


Probate to Waters Girling – brother, a tailor, and Harry Waters Peachey – maternal cousin, a schoolmaster.


Soldiers’ Effects to Waters Girling Esq. – brother, and Harry Waters Peachey Esq. – maternal cousin.


H.M. transport ‘Dilwara’ arrived at Cape Town on Wednesday, 7th May 1902, having set sail from Southampton on Friday, 14th February 1902.

St. James’s Gazette – Thursday, 5th June 1902Lieutenant and Quartermaster William Waters Girling, of the 1st Coldstream Guards, who died at sea on board the transport ‘Dilwara’ on the 22nd May, served nearly 18 years in the ranks of the Coldstream Guards before obtaining his commission as quartermaster in 1895. He took part in the Sudan campaign of 1885, and had seen much active service in South Africa before he was invalided home in the ‘Dilwara. He was forty-five years of age.

The Boer War.

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