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Born: 1909, St. Oswald, Durham.

Died: 25th January 1944; age 34; killed in aircraft crash.

Residence: 38, London Road, Ipswich.

Employed: Ransomes & Rapier Ltd., Ipswich.


Rank: Sergeant Navigator (Bomber); Service Number: 1396585.

Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 35 Squadron.


Grave Reference:

C. 31. 68.

Ipswich Old Cemetery,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of William & Louisa Ellenor; husband of, Florence Ellenor, of Ipswich.




1911   Northwold House, Lanley Bridge, near Durham.


William was a year old and living with his parents, brother and maternal uncle.

William Ellenor, 27, an Assistant Superintendent – Insurance Friendly Society, born St. Oswald, Durham.

Louisa Ellenor (nee Jolly), 25, born Byers Green, Durham.

John Ellenor, 4 months, born St. Oswald, Durham.

John James Jolly, 22, a Coal Miner – Hand Potter – Labourer Underground – Colliery.


In 1936, Ipswich, William married Florence Honor Kemp, born February 1919, Ipswich. They had 1 daughter:

Irene M. Ellenor, born 1937, Ipswich.




25th January 1944


Aircraft: Halifax II Serial number: W7823. Took off at 21:15 from Upwood, Cambridgeshire on a target indicator dropping exercise. The aircraft failed to gain height and seconds later smashed through trees on the south side of the airfield, in a mass of flames.

Fellow Crew:

Bernard Francis McSorley DFC; Sergeant/Pilot; age 27; R.C.A.F.

Frederick Joseph Patrick Jervis DFM; Flight Sergeant/Flight Engineer; age 23; R.A.F.V.R.

Geoffrey William Clifton Candlin DFC DFM; Flying Officer/Navigator/Bomber; age 28; R.A.F.V.R.

Louis Lawrence Oram; Flying Officer/Navigator/Bomber; age 35; R.A.F.V.R.

Wilfred George Stoneman; Sergeant/Navigtor/Bomber; age 34; R.A.F.V.R.

Annesley Richard Kavanagh; Aircraftman 2nd Class; age 29; R.A.F.V.R.

Herbert Alfred William Jolly DFM; Warrant Officer/Wireless Operator; age 22; R.A.F.

Bejoy Krishna Mitra; Sergeant/Air Gunner; age 28; R.A.F.V.R.

Arthur Charles Preston; Leading Aircraftman; age 22; R.A.F.V.R. Died from injuries a day later in hospital.




(John aka “Jack”)

William’s brother, John Ellenor, also lost his life during the Second World War, aged 33. Known as Jack, he was ranked a Sergeant/Air Gunner, for the R.A.F.V.R., 49 Squadron. On the 26th/27th April 1944, he and his fellow crew of Lancaster LL908, were on their 25th mission, on an Operation to Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany when at 12,000ft, near Ugny, north-eastern France they shot down at 01.01hrs. All 7 crew were killed. Jack was laid to rest with his fellow crew members at Ugry-Sur-Meuse Communal Cemetery, Meuse, France. John was married to Olive Atkinson, and had a daughter, Barbara, born December 1939.


A poignant letter John wrote to his young daughter Barbara in case he was not to return:

A family note – William & John’s brother Arthur

I believe Arthur was serving in the Army at the time his older brothers were both killed in 1944 and he was released from his duties and sent home because he was his parents last surviving child. I understand that although he appreciated the reasons for this he was a bit annoyed that he could not do HIS bit for the war effort and maybe felt a bit cheated. Arthur never married or had a family and my mother, Irene, remained close to him, visiting him often in the family home in Durham, where he remained after the death of his parents, until he died in 1991.


Both William and John are remembered on the memorial at the Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln.

One Comment

  • William Ellenor was my grandfather, his daughter, Irene is my mother. His brother,John (uncle Jack), also in the RAF, was killed three months later on 27/04/1944. They had both been volunteer reserves, due to their professions. They left behind one daughter each and one younger brother, Arthur. They are both remembered on the memorial at the Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln. I have a photo of my Grandad.


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