Born: 1889, St Peter’s, Ipswich.

Died: 21st August 1914; age: 25; Main Line, near Laingsburg Station, Cape Town, South Africa.

Residence: Ipswich.

Occupation: General Labourer.

Enlistment Location: Ipswich; Date: 20th June 1907.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 9077

Regiment: Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion.


Grave Reference:

Sec. 4. 97062B.

Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery,

Western Cape,

South Africa.






1891   Stoke Street, Ipswich.


William was 18 months old and living with his parents & siblings.

Shadrack Runnacles Crawford, 35, a Dock Labourer, born Dennington, Suffolk.

Ellen Jane Rachel Crawford (nee Cloud), 34, born St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.

Robert Shadrack Crawford, 15, a Dock Labourer, born St. Peter’s, Ipswich.

John Edward Crawford, 13, a Dock Labourer, born St. Peter’s, Ipswich.

Shadrack Crawford, 11, born St. Peter’s, Ipswich.

Ellen Crawford, 9, born St. Peter’s, Ipswich.

James Crawford, 5, born St. Peter’s, Ipswich.


1901   66, Hawes Street, Ipswich.


William was 11 years old and living with his widowed father & brothers.

Shadrack, 49, an Engine Driver Cleaner.

Robert, 24, a Horse Dealer – own account.

John, 22, a Quay Labourer.

James, 16, a Plumber’s Labourer.


William’s mother, Ellen Jane Rachel Crawford, died 1893, Ipswich.


Between January 1892 and the end of 1901, Shadrack Crawford was regulary summond before the Ipswich School Board for neglecting to send his children to school.


Soldiers’ Effects to Shadrack Crawford – father.



Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion:


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