Image from the Suffolk Chronicle And Mercury – 1915


Born: 1888, Ipswich.

Died: 1st July 1916; age 28; KiA.

Residence: 34, Cyprus Terrace, Bulwer Road, Ipswich.

Occupation: a Waiter.

Enlistment Location: Ipswich. Called up at the outbreak of the war.

Date of Entry Therein: 23rd August 1914.


Rank: Bugler; Service Number: 1066

Regiment: The Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion.


Medals Awarded: Victory, British War & 1914 Star


Grave Reference:


Serre Road Cemetery No. 2.






1891   64, Clarkson Street, Ipswich.


Thomas was 3 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

George James Girling, 32, a G.E.Railway Clerk, born Islington, London.

Ellen Girling (nee Green), 32, born Ipswich.

Alice Maud Francis Girling, 12, born Ipswich.

Frederick George Thomas Girling, 9, born Ipswich.

Isaac Richard Girling, 7, born Ipswich.

Nellie Florence Girling, 5, born Ipswich.

William Charles Alfred Girling, 1, born Ipswich.


1901   Rosary Villas, Bramford Road, Ipswich.


Thomas was 13 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

George, 42, a Railway Clerk.

Ellen, 42.

William, 11.

Fanny Augustus Girling, 9, born Ipswich.

Elizabeth Green Carter Girling, 7, born Ipswich.

Frances Ellen G. Girling, 5, born Ipswich.

George James Girling, 1, born Ipswich.


1911   Egypt

Thomas was 23 years old, a Soldier ranked a Rifleman for the Rifle Brigade, 4th Battalion.


Soldiers’ Effects to George J. Girling – father.



  1. Mr. George J. Girling; 2. Provost-Segt. F. Girling, M.F.P., Malta; 3. Richard Girling, R.N.R.; 4. Prvt. T. Girling, 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade; 5. Prvt. William Girling, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment; 6. Prvt. George Girling, 3/5th Suffolk Regiment.

George J. Girling was for 24 years a member of the 1st Battalion Suffolk Rifle Volunteers (Headquarters Companies), retiring with the rank of sergeant and in possession of the long service good-conduct medal. He is now employed as a military clerk at one of our Record Offices. He has five sons serving as follows:-

Frederick Girling:- Provost-Sergt., M.F.P., Malta, previously serving with the Coldstream Guards.

Richard Girling:- Naval Fleet Reserve, now serving on board H.M.S. Cynthia. He was called up on the outbreak of the war, and was serving on board H.M.S. Hogue when the  vessel was torpedoed and sunk in September, 1914. He was one of the fortunate survivors, who after being in the water for over two hours was picked up by a Lowestoft drifter and eventually brought to Shotley.

Tom Girling:- Reservist, 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade. He was called up at the outbreak of the war, and went to France in August, 1914, and is still serving with his battalion in the trenches.

William Girling:- Reservist, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment. He was called up at the outbreak of the war, sent to France, and taken prisoner by the Germans in August 1914.

George Girling:- Enlisted a short time ago in the 3/5th Suffolk Regiment (T.).

The Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion:


  • Oh wow, Frederick Girling was my great grandfather.
    so much absolute amazing info here


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