Born: 21st April 1888, Ipswich.

Died: 28th October 1917; age 29; KiA – Trenches South of Passchendaele.

Residence: Quebec, Canada.

Occupation: a Musician.

Enlistment Details: Date: 22nd September 1914; Location: Valcantier, Quebec; Age: 22 years; Occupation: Musician; Religion: Wesleyan; Next of Kin: Mother – Mrs. Rouse, 8, Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich. Height: 5ft 6ins, dark complexion, brown eyes, dark hair. Tattoo – 2 flags & wreath, ‘Lucy’ ‘Annie’ on right forearm.



Unit sailed 3rd October 1914.

Returned to Unit at Tidworth Traininmg Depot after 42 days detention for Desertion – 7th January 1915.

Admitted to Hospital – No.1 Canadian Field Ambulance – Bustard – 14th January 1915 – 14th January 1915 – Orchitis,

Admitted to Hospital – No. 1 General Hospital – Bustard – 15th January 1915 – 31st January 1915  – Very Sore and Abcess.

Discharged to duty.

Transferred to 9th Battalion – Tidworth – 2nd February 1915

To Massed Band – Shorncliffe – 4th April 1915

On nominal Roll as Bandsman – 21st February 1916

Permission granted to marry – Shorncliffe – 24th May 1916.

Massed Band practice – Shorncliffe – 23rd June 1916.

Transferred to 202nd Battalion from the 9th Reserve Battalion – Bramsholt – 25th February 1917

Thomas write his Will in favour of his mother, Mrs. S. Rouse, of 8, Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich – 3rd May 1917.

Transferred to 9th Battalion from the 202nd Battalion – Witley – 28th May 1917

Proceeded overseas for service – 49th Battalion – Bramsholt – 20th June 1917

Landed in France – 21st June 1917

Left for the 49th Battalion – 26th June 1917

Arrived 49th Battalion – 3rd July 1917.



Absentee – 8 days – 22nd October 1914 – 31st October 1914 – detention 48 hours.

Struck off as a Deserter – Bustard – 3rd December 1914.

Returned to Unit – Bustard – 7th January 1915 – Tried by Regiment Court martial as a Deserter  – 42 days detention.

Absent Without leave– Shorncliffe – October 1915 – awarded 3 days Field Punishment No. 2 and forfeits 6 days pay.

Absent Without Leave – 1 day – 7th March 1916 – East Sandling – awarded 1 day Field Punishment No. 2 and forfeits 2 days pay.

Absent Without Leave – 9th June 1916 – Shorncliffe – awarded 5 days Field Punishment No. 2 with detained pay and forfeits 1 days.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 10617

Regiment: Canadian Infantry, Alberta Regiment, 49th Battalion.


Grave Reference:


Oxford Road Cemetery,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Sarah Ann Rouse, of 8, Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich & the late J. Rouse.




1891   2, Gibbon’s Street, Ipswich.


Thomas was 2 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

James Rouse, 45, a Carman – Parcel’s Delivery, born Trimley, Suffolk.

Sarah Ann Rouse, 45, a Laundress, born Rickinghall, Suffolk.

Amy Eliza Rouse, 18, a Staymaker – Dress, born Malta – British Subject.

William John Rouse, 13, a Tobacconist, born Natal, South Africa.

Ernest Rouse, 10, a Devonport, Devonshire.

Charles Percy Rouse, 8, born Taunton, Somerset.


1901   Duke of York’s Royal Military Asylum, Cheltenham Terrace, Chelsea, London.


Thomas was 12 years old, a School Boy boarding at the school for children of soldier’s.

1911   H.M. Prison, Grimwade Street, Ipswich.


Thomas was 22 years old, a Prisoner. Occupation – Hotel Porter.



Thomas, a Musician, was described as 5ft 4 1/2ins in height, fresh complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes. He was tattooed  with two flags, flowers, and ‘LUCY’ and ‘ANNIE’ his right forearm.

On the 26th June 1907, Thomas appeared before the Petty Sessions, at Crown Hill, Devonshire. He was charged with I. Stealing a Saving’ Bank book and II. Obtaining £1 by false pretences. Thomas was found Guilty and convicted for 1 month Hard Labour for the first offence and 1 month Hard Labour for the second to run consecutive.

On the 4th November 1909, Thomas appeared at the Ipswich Borough Petty Sessions, before Mr. W.O. White, Esq., charged with stealing a bicycle. Thomas was found Guilty and convicted for 1 month Second Division.

East Anglian Daily Times – 5th November 1909


Thomas Dudley Rouse, Labourer, of Norwich Road, was charged with stealing , as bailee, a bicycle, value £3.- Mr. E.F. Hubbard, manager to Messrs. T. Nice and Co., Hyde Park Corner, said that on October 9th the accused entered the shop and said he wanted to hire a bicycle for two days. Prosecutor let him have a machine, but as he did not return it, prosecutor gave information to the police. He identified the machine on Monday morning at the Police Station. On the previous Saturday he saw the accused in company with Detective-Inspector Warner and Detective James. Questioned in regard to the bicycle, the accused said he had sold it.- William Roberts, bricklayer, 77, Woodbridge Road, deposed that the defendant asked him if he cared to but it. Witness subsequently agreed to give him 15s. for it, the defendant having previously said that the bicycle was his own. Subsequently witness had to hand to the police.- The accused pleaded guilty. He handed in a written statement to the Bench to the effect that he had been out of work for a long time, and he was tempted to steal because he was penniless. He had tried to get work, and had endeavoured to go to Canada, but had been unable to do so. He wished the Bench to deal leniently with him, as he promised to lead a straight forward life in the future.- The Chairman said the Bench had no alternative but to send him to prison. He would be sentenced to one month in the second division. The Magistrates thought that the witness Roberts ought to have used more discretion when he purchased the machine for 15s. Consequently, they refused to allow his expenses.


On the 17th September 1910, Thomas was charged, and held on remand until his appearance at the Ipswich Borough Petty Sessions, on the 19th September 1910, before Mr. W.O. White, Esq., charged with Feloniously stealing a bicycle, the goods of Henry George Moss, at Ipswich, on the 13th September 1910.

Thomas was committed for trail.

On the 22nd October 1910, Thomas appeared before Sir Frederick Low, K.C., M.P., Recorder. He was found Guilty and convicted for 3 months Hard Labour. Date of Liberation – 7th January 1911.

On the 10th March 1911, Thomas, was charged, and held on remand until his appearance at the Ipswich Borough Petty Sessions, on the 16th March 1911, where before Mr. W. Alexander Esq. Thomas was charged with I. Obtaining by false pretences, from Marguerite Jefferies, 10 shillings, with intent to defraud, at Ipswich, on the 9th March 1911. And II. Obtaining 5/- from Florence Bristow and Ellen Jane Bantoft, by false pretenses, on the 9th March 1911.

Thomas was committed for trail.

On the 8th April 1911, Thomas appeared before Sir Frederick Low, K.C., M.P., Recorder. He was found Guilty and bound over in sum of £5 to come up for judgement if called upon.



On the 18th May 1911, 23 year old Thomas disembarked at the Port of Quebec, Canada. He had sailled on the S.S. ‘Pretorian’ of the Allan Line, and had departed from the Port of London. Thomas recorded his religion as Wesleyan – occupation as Hotel Porter and that he intended to live in Toronto to find employment in farming.


Memorial Scroll Dispatched 30th April 1921 and Memorial Plague Despatched 17th January 1922 to Thomas’s mother, Mrs. Sarah Ann Rouse, of 8, Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich.

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