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The alter was donated by the Woods family in memory of their 2 sons, lost during WW1.

Harold Wallace Woods

Edward Hunter Thutrell Woods


Cederic is remembered on a floor tiled step.

It is not clear why the memorial has been remodeled, we believe the names may have been disintegrating through damp on the wall and have since been covered up. Originally the names were either side of the crucifix. 

War Memorial panels, left and right.

12th November 1921.


Armistice Day was the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial erected in memory of fallen parishioners of St. Bartholomew’s, Ipswich, in the war.

The memorial, which was subscribed for by members of the congregation, is in form of a large crucifix, placed on a reredos adorned with emblems of the “Sacrifice.” Occupying a prominent place on the north side of the church, the memorial is surrounded by a carved oak palisading, and on each side are panels bearing the names of the dead. Designed by Mr. F.C. Eden (LONDON), the work was executed by Messrs. Cubitt and Gotts, of Ipswich. One side of the church was reserved foe occupation by ex-Service men, the congregation standing as they marched in.

During the singing of the opening hymn “Jesu, Son of Mary,” the Vicar (the Rev. C.Powell) and Col. F.W. Turner proceeded to the memorial, which was formally unveiled by Col. Turner, and subsequently dedicated by the Vicar.

In a brief address, Col. Turner drew attention to the fact that it was
the third anniversary of the armistice which ended the Great War. It was a war which had put the honour and the manhood of the nation to the most searching test. How nobly they had responded they all knew. Trails, hardships, and anxieties had been faced with cheerfulness – men had given up home-life and all that was dear to them to respond to the call of duty. It was he thought an appropriate day to put the finishing touch to their war memorial, erected in honour of fallen comrades. He was gratified in being allowed to take part in the unveiling of the beautiful memorial St. Bartholomew’s had erected in honour of those of the parish who had made the supreme sacrifice. He thought that it was only right that such memorials should be erected all over the country, because they would remind future generations of the sacrifices which their forebears had made to maintain the honour of their native land. He hoped none of the ex-Service men, of whom so many were present that night, would forget the lesson they had learnt in the war, and that was the spirit of comradeship. If that spirit were kept alive amongst all classes it would carry them happily through to the end of their lives.

Preceding the dedication by the Vicar, the “Last Post” was sounded by buglers.

The special preacher for the occasion was the Rev. A.D. Gilbertson, of Shotley, the service concluding with the rendering of the Te Deum, followed by the National Anthem.

The names on the roll of honour are:-

A.J.Avis, R.A.M.C.

H.G.Baker, Machine Gun Corps

F.P.Bales, 8th Suffolk Regt.

S.A.Bales, Canadian Pioneer.

G.V.Battle, Royal Garrison Artillery.

C.Bennett, Royal Fusiliers.

E.H.Bishop, 4th Suffolk Regt.

C.E.Bond, 9th Suffolk Regt.

C.N.Borrett, 4th Suffolk Regt.

W.A.C.Buckman, 10th Essex Regt.

J.F.Bull, Royal Fusiliers

J.S.Bull, K.S.L.I.

F.Burgess, Royal Fusiliers

H.J.Butcher, Essex Regt.

S.N.Carley, Machine Gun Corps

O.G.DE COURCY BALDWIN, Royal Munster Fusiliers

P.Carter, Royal Garrison Artillery

J.Churchyard, 2nd Royal Berks

S.G.Claxton, 8th Norfolk Regt.

G.W.Claydon, 8th Suffolk Regt.

H.P.Collar, H.M.S.Natal.

T.Collings, Gloucester Regt.

B.H.Collis, 3rd Suffolk Regt.

J.E.Crowe, Royal Engineers.

P.J.Crowe, Royal Fusiliers

F.C.Curtis, Machine Gun Corps.

S.C.Curtis, 7th Suffolk Regt.

C.Cutler, 7th Suffolk Regt.

T.I.Degenhard, 4th Suffolk Regt.

F.E.Downing, Royal Engineers

P.W.Drane, 7th Suffolk Regt.

C.L.Earthy, Royal Engineers

W.A.Ellender, Canadian Field Artillery

W.R.Elliston, King’s Royal Rifles

H.Emsden, 7th Suffolk Regt.

W.T.Emsden, Royal Engineers

T.H.Evans, H.M. Submarines

R.E.Fitch, Suffolk Regt.

S.A.Ford, 1st Norfolk Regt.

B.W.Foster, 11th Suffolk Regt.

A.Gage, 11th Suffolk Regt.

H.Gage, E.Yorks Regt.

W.Gibbs, 7th Suffolk Regt.

T.D.Gibling, Suffolk Yeomanry

R.C.Gladwell, 4th Suffolk Regt.

J.T.Gower, 7th Suffolk Regt.

A.Graystone, R.G.A.

A.Green, 4th Suffolk Regt.

G.J.F.Greenwood, 4th Suffolk Regt.

D.Grubb, R.F.

J.E.Hall, 2nd Rhodesian L.E.

L.H.Hancock,Rifle Brigade

C.Jacobs, R.A.M.C.

C.H.James, 11th Essex Regt.

P.H.Jones, 7th London Regt.

B.Kennell, Suffolk Regt.

J.R.Liffen, 4th Suffolk Regt.

J.C.Lee, S.African Regt.

W.J.Mallett, Wiltshire Regt.

F.Manthorp, R.F.

F.Markin, 9th Welsh Regt.

H.F.Newson, R.F.A.

W.G.Norman, Leicester Regt.

P.J.Nunn, Surrey Regt.

W.G.Oliver, R.F.A.

S.N.Page, 2nd Suffolk Regt.

J.S.Parker, H.M.S.Tiger

F.W. Patrick, 6th E.Yorks Regt.

A.B.Peck, R.E.

E.R.Peck, 8th Suffolk Regiment

A.E.Pipe, H.M.S.Formidable

H.Potter, Canadian Regt.

W.Powling, Suffolk Yeomanry

A. Preece, H.M. minesweeper

J.S.Pryke, Rifle Brigade

T. Ramsey,R.G.A.

E.C.Robinson, 4th Suffolk Regt.

E.W.Sayer, M.G.C.

C.E.Scoggins, 2nd Suffolk Regt.

H.J.Scoggins, 2nd Suffolk Regt.

H.W.Scoggins, Lancs. Fusiliers

A. Shears, Suffolk Regiment

C.E. Stannard,H.M.S. Champagne

F.J.Symonds, A.S.C.

J.Symonds, 9th Rifle Brigade

J.G. Tebbit, R.E.

J.Upton, R.F.

C.H.Ward, K.R.R.

S.Webber, 7th Suffolk Regt.

H.W.Wellard, R.E.

A.H.Whitman, Canadian Regt.

E.H.Woods, 4th Suffolk Regt.

H.W.Woods, 4th Suffolk Regt.

A.E.Wright,Middlesex Regt.


St Bartholomews
Newton Road

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