Newspaper picture taken from the Evening Star – 4th May 1945

AKA: Peter Ronald Snowling.

Born: 12th January 1925, Ipswich.

Died: 15th April 1945; age: 20; KiA – shot by a sniper.

Residence: 16, Ranelagh Road, Ipswich.

Employed: at the Home & Colonial Stores, Ipswich.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 14558071.

Regiment: Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion – Infantry.


Originally buried at Fahrenhorst Cemetery. Body exhumed, identified and reburied 22nd August 1946 at Becklingen War Cemetery.


Grave Reference:


Becklingen War Cemetery,


Lower Saxony,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Sidney John & Nellie Grace Snowling, of Ipswich.


Father: Sidney John Snowling, born September 1892, Hoxne, Suffolk.

Mother: Ellen Grace Snowling (nee Broom), born 1893, Ipswich.


Twin sister May Snowling.


Peter was Sidney & Ellen’s youngest of five sons serving in the forces.


Peter is also remembered on the war memorial at Bethesda Baptist Church, St. Margaret’s Plain, Ipswich.


The Suffolk Regiment.

1st Battalion:
September 1939: On the outbreak of war the Battalion was based in Devonport. It was part of 8th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Division.
October 1939: They went to France.
May/June 1940: The Battalion were evacuated from Dunkirk and returned to the UK.
June 1944: The Battalion landed in Normandy (D Day). From then on was engaged in the North Western Europe campaign.


Friends of The Suffolk Regiment

Peter’s brother Reg.

2016 (RIP 2018 aged 97)

Mr Reginal Snowling a brave Ipswich resident, who served during WW2, with the 24th Lancers, and received the Legion d’honneur medal this month. Reg landed in France on D-Day day one, serving as a Gunner, on the third tank on the beach, he was under heavy fire and became bogged down in the sand. The first and second tank being knocked out, Reg still continued to fire. Under air attack Reg recalls jumping out of the tank, and taking cover on the opposite side the tank, moving from one side to the other. Once off the beach his tank was engaged in the attack on the heavily fortified towns and villages of Normandy, he was confronted with the legionary German Tiger tank . Reg was wounded, but continued to fight in Belgium and Holland. Reg also holds a record for knocking out two German tanks with one shell. Reg first landed in France with a Sherman tank then moved onto the lightweight Comet tank. This is a real Ipswich hero, aged 95.

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