Born:  3rd November 1874, Flixton, Suffolk.

Died: 13th December 1901; age 27; KiA at Sterkfontein Transvaal, Gauteng, South Africa.

Residence: Fritton Hall, Suffolk.


Entered the Norfolk Regiment – June 1896.

Promoted to Lieutenant – December 1897.


Ronald served in West Africa , in the operations on the Niger – 1897 – 1898. Employed with the West African Frontier Force – February 1898 – February 1900. He then proceeded to South Africa and saw service there during 1900 – 1901.


Mentioned in despatches – 23rd May 1899.


Rank: Lieutenant.

Regiment: Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Mounted Infantry, South Africa Field Force.


Clasps Awarded: Johannesburg, Cape Colony, Orange Free State + Queen’s South Africa Medal 1901.




1881   Fritton Decoy, Fritton, Suffolk.


Ronald was 6 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Henry Edmund Buxton Esq., 37, a J.P., Lieut. Col. of Volunteers Battalion, and Banker/Director – Barclays Bank, born Leytonstone, Essex.

Mary Rosalind Buxton (nee Upcher), 33, born Kirby Cane, Norfolk.

Winifred Buxton, 11, born Marylebone, Middlesex.

Violet Buxton, 9, born Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Rosalind Upcher Buxton, 2, born Flixton, Suffolk.

Edward Hugh Buxton, 6 months, born Fritton, Suffolk.

1 Governess

1 Housekeeper

1 nurse

1 ladies maid

1 house maid

1 nursery maid

1 under house maid

1 kitchen maid

1 scullery maid

1 footman

1 groom


1891   Fritton Decoy, Fritton, Suffolk.


Ronald was 16 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Henry, 47, a J.P. for Norfolk & Suffolk, Honorary Colonel of 2nd Volunteers Battalion, Norfolk Regiment, and Banker/Director – Barclays Bank.

Mary, 43.

Abbot Redmond Buxton, 22, a Banker’s Assistant, born Marylebone.

Winifred, 21.

Violet, 19.

Knyvet Upcher Buxton, 8, born Fritton.

1 governess

1 cook

2 ladies maid

1 kitchen maid

1 under house maid

1 scullery maid

1 nurse

1 house maid

2 stable helpers

1 groom

1 house boy.


Ronald was educated at Harrow School, London – entered 1888, and was a member of Bradbys House. Ronald left Harrow School in 1893, and moved up to Trinity College, Cambridge – admitted 13th June 1893. Though Ronald matriculated in 1893 he did not graduate, but joined the Norfolk Regiment as a Lieutenant.

Harrow School information courtesy of T. Fox – Archivist –

Trinity College Library, Cambridge information courtesy of Jonathan Smith – Archivist and Modern Manuscript Cataloguer –


Ronald’s brother, Abbot Redmond Buxton was also educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and fought in the South Africa War with the Norfolk Yeomanry, and in the First World War.

Ronald’s father, Henry Buxton was also an alumnus of Trinity College, and became Mayor of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1896, and High Sheriff of Suffolk.


Probate to Henry Edmund Buxton – father.


Ronald is also remembered on a private memorial at St. Edmund’s Church, Fritton, Norfolk.

The Boer War.

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