Robert is remembered on the war memorial at St. Clement’s Church, Ipswich.


Born: 1881, Ipswich.

Died: 27th June 1922, at Lambeth Infirmary, 126, Brook Street, Lambeth, London; age: 41; died of disease. No Post Mortem.

Residence: 8, Valentia Road, Brixton.

Occupation: Painter.






1891   19, Potter Street, Ipswich.


Robert was 10 years old and living with his parents & brothers.

Harry Lait, 47, a Gas Lamplighter, born Ipswich.

Sarah Lait (nee Jaye), 37, born Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Arthur Lait, 8, born Ipswich.

Harry Lait, 6, born Ipswich.

Frederick Lait, 3, born Ipswich.

Charles Lait, 11 months, born Ipswich.


1901   19, Potter Street, Ipswich.


Robert was 19 years old, a Carrier’s Apprentice. He was living with his parents & siblings.

Harry, 58, a Gas Worker.

Sarah, 49.

Harry, 16, an Errand Boy.

Frederick, 13, a Tobacco Spinner.

Charles, 11.

Margaret Lait, 6, born Ipswich.

James William Lait, 4, born Ipswich.


1911   31, Wickersley Road, Battersea, London.


Robert was 30 years old, a House Painter – Builder. He was living with his partner and children.

Alice, 28.

Amelia, 3.

James, 1.


In 1901, Ipswich, Robert married Florence Harriet Baggott, born 1876, Peasenhall, Suffolk – died 1916, Ipswich.


On the 14th October 1907, Robert was charged with deserting his wife. His wife, Hettie applied for a separation order from her husband, Robert Rueben Lait, a foundry labourer, of Arthur Street, Ipswich. Hettie told the Bench that her sister was living at the home, and she suspected her husband of having relations with the sister – who was approaching confinement. Hettie therefore left her home on August Bank Holiday – she did not wish for maintenance only a separation order. Robert replied that he did not object to the separation order being made, and was prepared to help his wife find a home, and he would give up her sister.

The Bench did not consider that the evidence entitled Hettie to the separation order.


By the 1911 census, Robert was living with Hettie’s sister:

Christina Alice Baggott, born 1883, Peasenhall, Suffolk.

They had 3 children:

Amelia Lait, born December 1907, Ipswich.

James Lait, born February 1910, Battersea.

Ivy Lait, born July 1912, Battersea.

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