Born: 4th April 1899, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Died: 18th November 1939; age: 40; at sea – English Channel.

Residence: Ferdinand Bolstraat 108, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Rank: Steward.

Regiment: Netherlands Merchant Navy.


Grave Reference:


Ipswich Old Cemetery,



Father: Leendert Frederik Wilhelm Vermeulen, born February 1866, Amsterdam. A Tapper.

Mother: Geertruida Elizabeth Vermeulen (nee Tovar), born November 1875, Amsterdam.


On the 16th July 1931, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 32 year old, Leendert, an Assistant Warehouse Master, married 29 year old, Eva Cornelia Wortel, born 1902, Amsterdam.


Eva Cornelia Vermeulen was arrested as a Jew and taken as a prisoner to the Nazi concentration camp at Herzogenbusch (Vught), she was assigned prisoner number 02091. The camp was opened in 1943 and held 31,000 prisoners, it was the only S.S. controlled camp outside of Germany in Western Europe. After D-Day, the German’s wanted to clear the camp as fast as possible. Eva was transported to Ravensbrück, a Nazi concentration camp for women. She arrived on the 9th September 1944, where she was assigned prisoner number 66843. According to the German records Eva “died” of Tuberculosis on the 19th February 1945 at Ravensbrück camp.

Eva is one of the 132,000 women commemorated on the memorial at Ravensbrück camp.





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