Photographs and extra information courtesy of Susan Webb – Jesus College, Cambridge & Michael Partridge – Eastbourne College



Born: 22nd February 1892, Ipswich.

Died: 19th August 1916; age 23; KiA. Died leading a bombing party in a skirmish near Pozieres.

Residence: “Burwood,” 44, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.

Date of Entry Therein: 31st March 1915 – France.


Rank: Lieutenant.

Regiment: Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire Regiment), 1st/4th Battalion.


Medals Awarded: Victory, British War & 1915 Star.


Memorial Reference:

Pier and Face 11 D,

Thiepval Memorial,




Relatives Notified and Address: Son of Edwin Perkins Ridley and Charlotte Elizabeth Ridley, of “Burwood,” Westerfield Road, Ipswich.




1901   ‘Burwood’ 44, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Lancelot was 9 years old and living with his parents & maternal aunt.

Edwin Perkins Ridley, 43, a Solicitor; born Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

Charlotte Elizabeth Ridley (nee Short), 46; born St. Helier, Jersey.

Louisa Victoria Short, 40, born St. Helier, Jersey.

1 governess

2 general domestic servants.


1911   ‘Burwood’ 44, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Lancelot was 19 years old and living with his parents & maternal aunt

Edwin, 53, a Solicitor.

Charlotte, 56.

Louisa, 54.

1 cook.

1 parlour maid.

1 housemaid.


Lancelot was educated at Ipswich School, Eastbourne College and at Jesus College, Cambridge.


On the 3rd April 1922, Lancelot’s medals were sent to his father, Mr. E.P. Ridley Esq., of ‘Burwood’ 44, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Lancelot is also remembered on the war memorial at St. Margaret’s Church, Ipswich, and on the Chapel war memorial at Ipswich School, and at Eastbourne College and at Jesus College, Cambridge University.





Lancelot’s father, Edwin Perkins Ridley

was Mayor of Ipswich

1898- 1899.


Lancelot attended Eastbourne College from 1906 – 1910, he was a member of Wargrave. Lancelot became a school prefect, a sergeant in the OTC and played for the 2nd XV.


Lancelot came up to Jesus College in 1910. He graduated with a B.A. in 1913 after taking special papers in Law (I & II) and Political Economy (I & II). He stayed on one more year in order to cox the Cambridge Boat in the University Boat Race. Lancelot’s career as coxswain started in the second Jesus boat at the 1911 Lents. He was in the third boat in the May 1911 races. In Lent 1911 Lancelot weighed 9st 2lbs; by Lent 1912 he weighed 8st 7lbs. He maintained this weight through to 1914 when he steered the Jesus boat to victory. The first win for Cambridge in 6 years, winning by 4 1/2 lengths in a time of 20.23.

In Lent 1914 Chanticleer wrote an article on Lancelot known as ‘Bob’. ‘A small boy with a big voice and a head remarkably well screwed on. Also a good scrum half and horse rider. A remarkable knowledge of Shakespeare. At the Ninth Annual General Meeting of Jesus College Cambridge Society, Lancelot was elected to the Committee of the Society.

After leaving Jesus College, Lancelot took articles at Birkett, Ridley & Frances of Ipswich. On the outbreak of war, Lancelot joined the Inns of Court OTC before gaining his commission with the Royal Berkshires.

Lancelot Ridley May Ball Stewards

       Stewards at the Jesus May Ball of 1914. Lancelot is pictured here, front row, second from the left.


Varsity crew. Lancelot seated front row fourth from the left.


The Varsity crew bringing down the boat


Varsity in action.


Varsity on the tideway.


The 1914 Cambridge boat race crew by Christina Broom. (Britain’s first female press photographer) L-R working backwards, starting with Cox at front: L.E. Ridley (Cox); Dennis Ivor Day; Sidney Ernest Swann; Philip Clermont Livingston; John Andrew Ritson; Kenneth Gordon Garnett; C.S. Clark; Clarence Edward Victor Buxton; Geoffrey Egerton Tower.

Image courtesy of Dave Pilbrow, from March, Cambridgeshire. 

Four of the 1914 Cambridge crew and one from the Oxford boat were killed during the First World War, which started less than five months later.

Cambridge won the race by 4½ boat lengths, making it the 31st victory for the light blues. It was to be the last race until 1920, as the event was suspended while the conflict raged in Europe.

Lancelot bottom right.

“Attention of the Photographer -And the artist! Cambridge”

By the cartoonist H.M.Bateman of the Cambridge crew including Lancelot, the small figure in the front.

Photographs and extra information courtesy of Susan Webb – Jesus College, Cambridge & Michael Partridge – Eastbourne College.

Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire Regiment), 1st/4th Battalion

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