Born: 5th January 1895, Ipswich.

Died: 10th June 1915; age 20; Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action. Body not recovered for burial.

Residence: Swan Lane, Westerfield, Suffolk.

Occupation: Under Gardener.

Enlistment Location: Chatham; Signed up for 12 years – 5th January 1913. Height on joining 5ft 2 7/8ins – height at 18 years 5ft 5 ins, fresh complexion, grey eyes & brown hair. Tattoo – ensign a clasped hands on right forearm.


Ganges – Boy II Class – 11th October 1910
Ganges – Boy I Class – 17th May 1911 – 5th June 1911
Donegal – Boy I Class  – 6th June 1911 – 16th September 1911
Pembroke I – Boy 1 Class – 17th September 1911 – 20th October 1911
Agamemnon – Boy I Class – 21st October 1911
Agamemnon – Ordinary Seaman – 5th January 1913
Agamemnon – Able Seaman – 11th August 1913 – 28th September 1914
Pembroke I – Able Seman – 29th September – 8th December 1914
Actaeon – Able Seaman – 9th December 1914 – 10th June 1915

Character – Very Good.


Rank: Able Seaman; Service Number: J.10125 (ch)

Regiment: Royal Navy – Ship or Unit – H.M. Torpedo Boat No.12. H.M.S. ‘Moth.’


Memorial Reference:

Chatham Naval Memorial,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of William & Mary Ann Turner, of Swan Lane, Westerfield, Suffolk.




1901   Swan Lane, Westerfield, Suffolk.


Joseph was 6 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

William Turner, 38, a General Labourer, born Westerfield, Suffolk.

Mary Ann Turner (nee Bennett), 39, born Woodbridge, Suffolk.

William Oliver Turner, 8, born Ipswich.

Elsie Clara Turner, 3, born Westerfield.

Evelyn Mary Turner, 1, born Westerfield.


1911   His Majesty’s Royal Naval Training Establishment, Shotley, Suffolk.


Joseph was 16 years old, he was a Boy Under Training for the Royal Navy.


Joseph is also remembered on the war memorial at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Westerfield, Suffolk.


The Cricket Class Coastal Destroyer, H.M. Torpedo Boat No.12. (H.M.S. Moth) was on patrol in the North Sea when she hit a mine & was destroyed with the loss of all her crew.     


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