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Acting Vice-PrincipalBelleisle Regional High School


Mark PerryTeacherKennebcasis Valley High School


Born: 25th July 1898, Ipswich.

Died: 12th June 1918; age 19; Killed by shell explosion. Served 1 year, 6 months & 20 days.

Residence: Post Office, Sussex, King’s County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Occupation: Mill Man.

Enlistment Location: Sussex, King’s County, New Brunswick, Canada; Date: 23rd October 1916; age 18 years; Religion: CofE. Next of Kin: father – George Bloomfield, Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada. Height: 5ft 5 ins, medium complexion, grey eyes & brown hair.


Service – 23rd October – 1916 – taken on strength to the 132rd Battalion – transferred 2nd December 1916 – 104th Battalion – transferred – 13th Battalion – 12th May 1917 – transferred – ‘B’ Company of the 26th Battalion (The Fighting 26th) in the fields of Flanders.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 794290.

Regiment: Canadian Expeditionary Force, New Brunswick Regiment, ‘B’ Coy, 26th Battalion.


Grave Reference:

  1. O. 6.

Bellacourt Military Cemetery,

Pas de Calais,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of George and Jessie Bloomfield, of Sussex, King’s County, New Brunswick.





1901   47, Stoke Street, Ipswich.


Jack was 3 years of and living with his parents & siblings.

George William Bloomfield, 35, a Coal Carman, born Broome, Norfolk.

Jessie Susan Bloomfield (nee Murray), 39, born Ipswich.

William George Bloomfield, 14, an Iron Moulder – Foundry, born Ipswich.

George Thomas Bloomfield, 12, born Ipswich.

Jessie Jane Bloomfield, 6, born Ipswich.

Edward Murray Bloomfield, 1 month, born Ipswich.


1911   57, Stoke Street, Ipswich.


Jack was 13 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

George, 45, a Coal Carter – Coal Merchant.

Jessie, 46.

Jessie, 16, a Box Maker – Factory.

Edward, 10.


1911   Moss Glen, Kings & Albert, Kingston Parish, New Brunswick, Canada.


John was 13 years old and living with his parents. His family could all read & write, were Anglican and had arrived in Canada in 1911.

George, 44, a Farm Worker.

Jessie, 45.

Jessie, 16.

Edward, 10.



The 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) CEF, was an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I. The 26th Battalion was authorized on 7 November 1914 and embarked for Britain on 15 June 1915. It disembarked in France on 16 September, where it fought as part of the 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war.

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