Known as HENRY


Born: 1880, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Died: 20th June 1901; age: 31; KiA at Donkeys Pass, Free State, South Africa.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 4346.

Regiment: 14th King’s Hussars.


Clasps Awarded: Cape Colony, Orange Free State & Transvaal.






1881   ‘Bay Horse’ 102, Castle Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk.


Henry was a year old and living with his parents & brother.

Caleb Mouser, 28, a Bricklayer, born Framsden, Suffolk.

Roseanna Mouser (nee Carr), 25, born Woodbridge.

Robert William Mouser, 3, born Woodbridge.


1891   Hoo Green, Hoo, Suffolk.


Henry was 11 years old and living with his parents, siblings & widowed, paternal grandfather.

Caleb, 38, a Bricklayer.

Roseanna, 36.

Robert, 13, Bricklayer’s Labourer.

Mary Henrietta Mouser, 9, born Woodbridge.

Roseanna Sarah Mouser, 7, born Framsden.

Caleb George Mouser, 4, born Hoo.

Celia Mahala Mouser, 2, born Hoo.

Henry Mouser, 73, Living on own Means, born Framsden.

Henry is also remembered at St. Matthew’s Church, Ipswich.

The Boer War.

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