Born: 1926, India.

Died: 12th February 1942; age: 16; KiA at Tanglin ‘Battle for Singapore.

Residence: Ipswich.


Rank: Boy; Service Number: 3536562.

Regiment: Manchester Regiment, 1st Battalion – Infantry.


Memorial Reference:

Column 78.

Singapore Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Mr & Mrs R.J. Martin, of Ipswich.

Nephew to WALTER JAMES BURGESS. kia ww1


Father: Reginald James Martin, born 1901, Gestingthorpe, Essex.

Mother: Celia Martin (nee Burgers), born March 1900, Ipswich.

Before the fall of Singapore in February, fierce fighting took place against the Japanese. The British and allied forces held onto bridges causeways and railheads in an attempt to hold back the Japanese’s push across Malaya and onto Singapore. Singapore fell 16 February 1942 and the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history 80,000 British, Indian and Australian troops became prisoners of war, joining 50,000 taken by the Japanese in the earlier Malayan Campaign.

Manchester Regiment, 1st Battalion

The 1st Battalion (Machine Gun Battalion), Manchester Regiment were stationed in Singapore from 1938 being part of the 2nd Malaya Infantry Brigade.  The outbreak of hostilities in Malaya began on 8th December 1941, the Battalion seeing action during the Japanese invasion of the island. January and February 1942, the Battalion were defending the city of Singapore. After a heavy fighting the Battalion had lost 6 officers and 132 other ranks, being killed in the fighting or later to die as prisoners of war under the Japanese.


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