James is remembered on the Britons Pride Oddfellows Lodge war memorial, Ipswich.


Born: 1851, Boyton, Suffolk.

Baptised: 3rd December 1854, at St. Andrew’s Church, Boyton.

Died: 29th June 1918; age: 69; killed after a surface torpedo attack. .


Rank: Steward.

Regiment: Mercantile Marine, S.S. ‘Sixty Six’ (Middlesbrough)


Memorial Reference:

Tower Hill Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of the late Robert & Lydia Pottle.




1851   Boyton, Suffolk.


James was 2 years old and living with his parents & brother.

Robert Pottle, 37, born Hollesley, Suffolk.

Lydia Pottle (nee Smith), 30, born Butley, Suffolk.

Joseph Pottle, 3 months, born Boyton.


1861   Dock Farm, Boyton, Suffolk.


James was 13 years old, a Servant Errand Boy for Edward Benninton – Farmer of 443 acres.


1871   Harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall.


James was 22 years old, an Ordinary Seaman and member of the crew on board S.S. ‘White Star.’ Master – William Parry.


1881   Hay Hall, Boyton, Suffolk.


James was 32 years old, a Mariner, and married. He was living with his parents & siblings.

Robert, 67, an Agricultural Labourer.

Lydia, 62.

Mary Ann Pottle, 27, born Boyton.

Robert Pottle, 24, a Labourer, born Boyton.

Jephthah Pottle, 17, a Labourer, born Boyton.

John Pottle, 14, a Labourer, born Boyton.


In 1881, James’s wife, 23 year old, Elizabeth was living with her parents, siblings & niece at their home in Boyton, Suffolk.

Francis Ashkettle, 63, an Agricultural Labourer, born Boyton.

Sarah Ashkettle, 53, born Hollesley, Suffolk.

Joseph Ashkettle, 17, an Agricultural Labourer, born Boyton.

Ann Ashkettle, 12, born Boyton.

Sarah Jane Pottle, 5, born New York, U.S.A.


1891   Harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall.


James was 42 years old, a Seaman and member of the crew on board S.S. ‘William Dawson,’ of Middlesbrough. Captain – William Hall. James was a widower.


In 1891, James’s son, Ernest was 3 years old and living with his uncle & aunt at their home at 7, Argyle Street, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.

Charles Hobey, 38, a Maltster, born Ipswich.

Emma Hobey, 30, born Cretingham, Suffolk.


1911   alongside Free Trade Wharf, London.


James was 62 years old (recorded his age as 48), a Seaman and member of the crew on board S.S. ‘ Sixty Six,’ of Middlesbrough. Master – William Truefelt.


James’s father, Robert Pottle died 1890, Boyton. His mother died 1903, Suffolk.


On the 1st February 1881, at St. Andrew’s Church, Boyton, James married Elizabeth Ashkettle, born 1856, Boyton – died June 1883, Boyton. They had 1 son:

Ernest James Pottle, born 1881, Boyton. Baptised: 16th October 1881, St. Andrew’s Church, Boyton. Ernest had died before the 1911 census.


29th June 1918


The S.S. ‘Sixty Six’ was a steam, coastal cargo ship, built in 1871, by Backhouse & Dixon, of Ormesby Ironworks, Middlesbrough. Owner Cochane & Co. Ltd. On the 29th June 1918, the S.S. ‘Sixty Six’ (Captain Charlie Rounce) with a cargo of 245 tons of cement was sailing from Middlesbrough to London. At 2:15am, 3 miles east of Scarborough, she was torpedoed without warning, by German U-boat UB-88. The explosion amidships was so intense that the ship was blown up and sank immediately. 11 lives were lost. The 5 survivors were thrown into the water and clung to wreckage, before being rescued and taken to Scarborough.

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