Ipswich WW2 Commemorations

VJ Day



75th Anniversary of the D-DAY landings.

The event was held on the 6th June 2019 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the landings. The names of the Ipswich fallen were read out by the Mayor Of Ipswich Cllr Jane Riley. (The names were supplied by the Project). A short service was taken by the Ipswich Branch of the RBL, followed by the last post and wreath laying. 


Dunkirk Little Ships. 


Every 5 years Ipswich has hosted a flotilla of “Little Ships” (a number Ipswich being their home port.). A Parade and Drum head service is held on the water front, where civic guests and veteran take part in the service and a visit onboard the small craft.

Mr Bernard Sharp (on right) a WW2 veteran (RIP) who was badly wounded and taken to Dunkirk to be brought home. He was stretchered onto a ship, then shortly afterwards the ship was bombed and sank in the harbor. Bernard recalled being put into the water, then rescued and carried onto a little ship that ferried him to a larger ship out at sea. 











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