image from 1917 Chronicle newspaper.


Born: 24th October 1890, North Creake, Norfolk.

Died: 28th October 1917; age 27; Died – Dover, Kent.

Residence: 52, Belle Vue Road, Ipswich.

Enlistment Details: Location: Chatham; Date: 24th October 1908 – signed up for 12 years; Occupation: Labourer. Height: 5ft 3 ins on joining – 5ft 5ins at 18 years old, fresh complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair & mole under left eye.

Rank: Petty Officer; Service Number: 237029

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S. ‘Erebus’.


Grave Reference:


Ipswich Old Cemetery,




Relatives Notified & Address: Husband of Mabel Annie Hewitt, of 52, Belle Vue Road, Ipswich.




1891   11, Egmere Cottages, Egmere, Norfolk.


Harold was 5 months old and living with his parents & siblings.

Edward Hewitt, 50, an Agricultural Labourer, born North Creake, Norfolk.

Mary Ann Hewitt, 44, born Sculthorpe, Norfolk.

Ernest Henry Hewitt, 14, an Agricultural Labourer, born Egmere, Norfolk.

Emma Hewitt, 11, born Egmere.

Kathleen Susanna Hewitt, 9, born Egmere.

Anne Mary Hewitt, 7, born Egmere.

Charles Hewitt, 5, born Egmere.

Daniel Hewitt, 2, born Egmere.

Benjamin Hewitt, 1, born Egmere.


1901   Glebe House, North Creake, Norfolk.


Harold was 10 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Edward, 62, an Agricultural Labourer.

Mary Ann, 54.

Edward Hewitt, 26, a Gardener, born Egmere.

Ernest, 24, an Agricultural Labourer.

Emma, 21, a Domestic Housemaid.

Anne Mary, 17, a General Domestic Servant.

Charles, 15, a Yardman – Cattle.

Daniel, 13, a Shepherd’s Page.

Benjamin, 11.


1911   Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar, Averstoke, Gosport, Hampshire.

Harold was 30 years old, an Able Seaman.


In 1917, Ipswich, Harold married, Mabel Annie Hall.


Harold’s father, Edward Hewitt, died 1913, Norfolk. His mother, Mary Ann Hewitt, died 1919, Norfolk.


   H.M.S. ‘EREBUS’

On the 28th October 1917 Ship hit by German DCB (distance controlled boat) loaded with 1540lb bomb exploding in dock causing a 50ft hole in ship.








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