Laid to rest at the Field of Honour.


Born: 15th January 1896, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Died: 11th September 1918; age: 22; Accidentally killed while instructing flying cadets.

Employed as a Book Keeper at the Calgary Gas Company.

Joined the Flying Corps at Toronto in March 1917. Sent overseas in October 1917 as an Instructor of the Handley-Page flying machine.


Rank: Lieutenant.

Regiment: Royal Air Force, No.2 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery.


Grave Reference:


Ipswich Old Cemetery,





1901   The Territories, East Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Gordon was 5 years old and living with his parents & brothers.

William Wilkin, 46, born County Sligo, Ireland. Immigrated 1858. A protestant.

Mary Josephine Wilkin (nee Whaley), 46, born Zorra To, Ontario, Canada.

William Eyres Wilkin, 20, born Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

Herbert Ashton Wilkin, 19, born Wellington.

Stanley Wilkin, 13, born York, Ontario.

Lewis Morrison Wilkin, 9, born Miniota, Manitoba.

Mary & her children were Baptists.


1906   Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Gordon was 9 years old and living with his parents & brothers.

William, 52.

Mary, 52.

William, 25.

Ashton, 24.

Stanley, 18.

Morrison, 15.

2 domestic servants.

1 boarder.


1911   Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Gordon was 15 years old and living with his parents & brothers.

William, 58, a Farmer.

Mary, 57.

William, 29.

Ashton, 28.

Morrison, 20.

2 domestic servants.


1916   West Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Gordon was 20 years old and living with his parents & brothers.

William, 63, a Farmer.

Mary, 63.

William, 35.

Herbert, 34.

Morrison, 25.

domestic servant & her 7 month daughter.


In 1911, Gordon enrolled at the Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta. In 2011, Mount Royal’s centennial year, a memorial bursary was created in the name of each of the university’s fallen –  https://www.mtroyal.ca/AboutMountRoyal/GivingMountRoyal/Military-Memorial-Bursaries/index.htm

Mount Royal University information courtesy of John Dumonceaux.


Soldiers’ Effects to William Wilkin esq. – father.


The pictures show 1. The cortege on the way to the Field of Honour. 2. Brother officers lowering the coffin into the grave.

The funeral of Lieut. Gordon Shaw Wilkin, of the Canadian Forces, attached to the Royal Air Force, who met his death in an aeroplane disaster on Wednesday week took place on Monday at the Ipswich Cemetery, the deceased, who had seen service aboard, being interred with full military honours in the Field of Honour. Among the mourners present were Lieut.-Col. Hubbard, M.C., Commandant Aeroplane Experimental Station; Capt. Copeland, Capt. and Adjt. Mercer, Lieut. Wallbrook, 2nd Lieut. Thomas. and a party of men of the R.A.F. under three N.C.O.’s Mrs E. C. Ransome was present, representing the Ipswich Women’s Guild. A firing party of forty men, under Lieut. Gould, M.C., with six buglers, was furnished by the Rifle Brigade, by permission of Lieut.-Col. H.C. Warre, D.S.O.. the officer in command. Six officers of the R.A.F. acted as bearers, these being Lieuts. Brydon and Shaw, and 2nd Lieuts. Coslan, Cave, Rich, and Dunderdall. The officiating minister was the Rev. R.E. Willis, of Stoke Green Chapel. The coffin was of polished oak with brass fittings, the breastplate bearing the inscription: “Lieut. Gordon Shaw Wilkin, Royal Air Force, died September 11th 1918, aged 22 years.” Floral tributes were sent by the officers of the Aeroplane Experimental Station, the N.C.O.’s and men, Mrs. C. Ransome “for his mother,” and the Ipswich Women’s Guild. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Hastings and Son, under the supervision of Mr. P. Hastings.


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  • Thank you for posting this! My father (Gordon) was named for Gordon Shaw Wilkin if I remember correctly. I guess he would have been my great uncle as his brother Stanley was my grandfather.


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