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Born: 10th September 1919, Ipswich.

Died: 27th May 1945; age: 25; died of Pleurisy as a Japanese PoW at PoW Hospital, Palembang Camp, Sumatra.

Residence: 31, Newton Road, Ipswich.


Gordon was a survivor from H.M.S.’Repulse.’


Rank: Marine; Service Number: PLY/X. 2213.

Regiment: Royal Marines, H.M.S. ‘Sultan’


Grave Reference:


Jakarta War Cemetery,



Father: Andrew Gordon Healey, born 1892, Manchester, Lancashire. A Yeast Company Foreman.

Mother: Rose Henrietta Catherine Healey (nee Mann), born February 1896, Ipswich.

Newspaper picture from the Evening Star – 7th October 1942.

researchers notes:

Jonathan Moffatt (malayanvolunteersgroup.org.uk):

Gordon Healey was an HMS Repulse detachment Royal Marine until its sinking with HMS Prince of Wales off Kuantan, Malaya on December 10th 1941. He was then attached to HMS Sultan [Singapore Royal Navy shore base]. He died at Sungei Geron Camp near Palembang, Sumatra.

Marine Healey likely served with the Plymouth Argylls [surviving members of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse] during the Battle for Singapore in February 1942. He was in a detachment of Royal MarineHMS Tapahs put aboard  on February 13th 1942 by Commander Alexander. They were captured off Muntok on February 17th 1942 and were POWs in Muntok till late February 1942 before crossing to camps in Palembang, Sumatra including Mulo Camp and from June 1944 Sungei Geron.He was at no time a Java POW.


Adrian Villanueva:

was Gordon on board HMS Dynmas (a relative small vessel)that was trying to escape from Singapore in February 1942, and heading to Sumatra (Indonesia) but was intercepted by a Japanese Cruiser. Dynmas CO was Lt (later Capt) RG Banks, SS (later) MRNVR (Singapore Division). He had to surrender his ship or be blown out of the water. Later like Gordon & crew & some civilians were captured and sent to a POW Camp at Muntok. In Capt Banks’s story recorded in the book I edited “Naval Reservists in Action: WW II (FE) & Confrontation” he also mentioned that there were some ex-HMS Repulse/Prince of Wales sailors/personnel were on board Dynmas. Capt Banks survived the War, after having been imprisoned in Muntok & Chanji (Singapore) & much later became Commanding of the MRNVR (Singapore Division)& HMS Laburnum – the MRNVR HQ Ship berthed in Singapore. I served under Banks as an Officer MRNVR in early 1960s. His son Peter Banks who lives in Farnham, UK gave me his father’s memoirs for inclusion in the book Chapter 4 “Escape from Singapore to POW”.

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  • thank you for HMS Repulse Marine Gordon A Healey biography. My father was a Repulse survivor and I would like to visit some of the local memorials. Is Gordon Healey’s name inscribed on an Ipswich area War Memorial or plaque?

    thank you.


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