Ipswich War Memorial and Cenotaph



Born: 1878, Ipswich.

Died: 28th September 1919; age 41; died of Pulmonary Abscess, at the East Suffolk Hospital, Ipswich. Ellen Bultitude – widow, present at the death, of 12, Tanner’s Lane, Ipswich. Served 291 days.

Residence: 12, Tanner’s Lane, Ipswich.

Occupation: a General Labourer.

Enlistment Details: Location: Ipswich; Date: 1st June 1915; age 37 years & 9 days. Height: 5ft 5 ins. Old burn scar across abdomen

Discharged: 17th March 1916 – Physically Unfit – Asthma. Character – Good. Originated 11 years ago, Ipswich, not result of military service, but possibly aggravated thereby. Employed most of his time in the cook house, the weather was unusually servere from Christmas to time of discharge. He was never under canvas. He had two suits of clothing in addition to cooks clothing.


Rank: Driver; Service Number: 1421.

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery, 2nd/2nd Battery, 2nd/3rd Howitzer Brigade.


Grave Reference:


Ipswich Old Cemetery,



Medals Awarded: Silver War Badge – did not serve overseas.


Relatives Notified & Address: Son of the late Charles Bultitude; husband of Ellen Bultitude.






1881   9, Frost’s Court, Ipswich.


Frederick was 2 years old and living with his parents & brother. The family surname was Cook.

Charles Bultitude Cook, 25, a Shoemaker, born Norwich, Norfolk.

Sarah Ann Cook (nee Pryke), 24, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Charles Pryke Cook, 4, born Ipswich.


1891   10, Great Gipping Street, Ipswich.


Frederick was 13 years old and living with his parents & brother. The family surname was Cook.

Charles, 34, a Shoe Rivetter.

Sarah, 34, a Tailoress.

Charles, 14.


1901   St. Peter’s, Ipswich.


Frederick was 22 years old, a Labourer at a Tallow Maker’s. He was married and Head of the Household. The couples surname was Bultitude.

Ellen, 20.


1911   3, Tanner’s Lane, Ipswich.


Frederick was 31 years old, a Tallow Melter – Factory. He was married and Head of the Household.

Ellen, 29.

Lily, 9.

Thomas, 8.

Rosina, 5.

Alfred, 1.

brother Thomas Henry Bultitude, 19, a General Labourer – Tallow – Factory, born Ipswich.


Frederick’s father, Charles Bultitude Cook died 1893, Ipswich. His mother Sarah Ann Boyer died 1904, Ipswich.


In 1899, Ipswich Frederick Bultitude, married Ellen Charlotte Culley, born 1881, Stowmarket, Suffolk.

They had 6 children:

Lily Ada Bultitude, born April 1901, Ipswich.

Thomas George Bultitude, born March 1903, Ipswich.

Rosina Bultitude, born July 1905. Ipswich.

Alfred Ernest Bultitude, born November 1909, Ipswich.

Doris Ivy Bultitude, born September 1911, Ipswich.

Ida Mabel Bultitude, born November 1915, Ipswich – died November 1917, Ipswich.


Frederick’s brother Charles Pryke Bultitude, served under the surname Cook and died 21st February 1921, as a result of the First World War. A Lance Corporal, P/16612, in the Military Police Corps. Buried H.26.3. Ipswich Old Cemetery.


Charles & Frederick’s youngest brother, Thomas Henry Bultitude, aged 49, of 1, Mount Pleasant Cottages, Manor Road, Chigwell, Essex, was killed in the Second World War at the ‘Prince of Wales’ Manor Road, Chigwell, Essex. When at 9.45pm a German aircraft dropped a parachute bomb. It was a direct hit on the pub which was reduced to a pile of rubble with 40 plus causalities.



Royal Field Artillery, 2nd/2nd Battery, 2nd/3rd Howitzer Brigade:



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