Frederick is not remembered on the war memorial at Christchurch Park.


Born: 4th October 1883, Harwich, Essex.

Died: 7th August 1944; age 60; M.P.K.

Residence: 56, Sirdar Road, Ipswich.


Rank: 4th Engineer Officer.

Regiment: Merchant Navy, S.S.’Amsterdam.

Memorial Reference:

Panel 8.

Tower Hill Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Husband of Isabella H. Haste, of Ipswich.




1891   20, Victoria Street, Dovercourt, Essex.


Frederick was 8 years old and living with his parents, siblings & nephew.

John Haste, 48, a mariner – Seas, born Holbrook, Suffolk.

Amelia Haste (nee Garnham), 45, born St. Mary Stoke, Ipswich.

Mary Ann Haste, 17, born Ipswich.

Leonard John Haste, 16, an Engine Cleaner, born Ipswich.

John William Haste, 14, an Errand Boy, born Ipswich.

Alice Emily Haste, 10, born Harwich, Essex.

William James Haste, 5, born Harwich.

James Harry Haste, 2, born Harwich.

Ellen Amelia Hines (nee Haste), a widow living on her own means, born Ipswich.

William John Hines, 1, born Harwich.

George Frederick Hines, 16, born Lowestoft, Suffolk – brother to Ellen’s late husband, William John Hines, a 24 year old, Steward for S.S.’Cambridge’ of the Great Eastern Railway, who was crushed to death between trucks shunting at Parkeston Quay, Essex on the 8th October 1890.


1901   20, Victoria Street, Dovercourt, Essex.


Frederick was 17 years old, an Apprentice Engineman. He was living with his parents & siblings.

John, 54, an Engine Fitter.

Amelia, 54.

Leonard, 25, a Dock Labourer.

Alice, 20.

William, 16, an Apprentice Hairdresser.

James, 12.


In 1911, Frederick was 27 years old, an Engineer at Sea – Great Eastern Railway Company.


His wife and sons were living at their family home – 130, Wherstead Road, Ipswich. His brother was staying the house.

Isabella, 23.

Charles, 1.

James, 5 months.

James Haste, 22, an Engineer – Sea – Great Eastern Railway Company.


Frederick’s father, John Haste died 1918, Dovercourt, Essex. His mother, Amelia Haste died 1927, Ipswich.


On the 22nd November 1908, Ipswich, Frederick married Isabella Helen Fitch, born January 1888, Shorncliffe, Kent.

They had 5 children:

Charles Frederick Haste, born September 1909, Ipswich.

James Albert Haste, born October 1910, Ipswich.

Bessie May Haste, born 1913, Ipswich.

Albert Victor Haste, born June 1918, Goole, Yorkshire.

John W. Haste, born July 1914, Ipswich.


Probate to Isabella Helen Haste – widow.

SS. Amsterdam

Before the war the ship was a ferry between Harwich and Holland, SS. Amsterdam was sunk on august the 7th 1944 by a German mine. The ship had taken part in the D-Day landings, being used as a hospital ship. she then returned to France to ferry the wounded back to Southampton, fifty-five wounded men were lost as were ten medical staff and thirty crewmembers and eleven German prisoners of war. Total losses of 106 men.

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