Born: 1880, St. Clement’s, Ipswich.

Died: 10th May 1915; age 34; Died of Wounds – No. 4 General Hospital, Versailles, France.

Residence: Tanners Lane, Ipswich.

Occupation: Labourer.

First Enlistment Details: Location: Ipswich; Date: 24th August 1898; Age: 18 years & 6 months; Religion: CofE. Next of Kin: father – Mr Samuel Chason, Sporles Court, Bell Lane, Stoke, Ipswich. Height: 5ft 3 1/2 ins, fresh complexion, blue eyes & dark brown hair.

Service in the York & Lancaster Regiment, service number 5222:

Home – 24th August 1898 – 27th February 1900 – Africa – 28th February 1900 – 23rd October 1902 – India – 24th October 1902 – 27th October 1905 – Home 28th October 1905 – 8th March 1907 – India – 9th March 1907 – 26th October 1910 – Home 27th October 1910 – 28th October 1910.

Medals Awarded: Mounted Infantry Certificate 3rd September 1903, Queen’s South Africa with Clasps & King’s South Africa with Clasps.

Discharge on termination – served 12 years & 66 days.

Date of Entry Therein: 30th August 1914.

Rank: Private; Service Number: 3/8256

Regiment: Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion.

Medals Awarded: Victory, British War & 1914 Star.

Grave Reference:


Les Gonards Cemetery,





1881   3, Watts Court, Foundation Street, Ipswich.

Ernest was 10 months old and living with his parents & sister.

Samuel Chason, 49, a Fitter’s Labourer, born Ipswich.

Emma Ann Chason (nee Woor), 36, born Ipswich.

Priscilla Woor Chason, 18, a Domestic Servant, born Ipswich.

1891   7, Beck Street, Ipswich.

Ernest was 10 years old and living with his parents & maternal grandparents.

Samuel, 59, a Labourer – Foundry.

Emma, 46.

William Woor, 69, a Shoe Maker, born Boston, Lincolnshire.

Maria Woor, 69, born Ipswich.

1911   33, Albion Street, Ipswich.

Ernest was 30 years old, a Dock Labourer. He was married and Head of the Household. His widowed mother was staying.

Laura, 26.

Ernest, 4.

Emma, 66.

Ernest’s father, Samuel Chason died 1903, Ipswich. His mother, Emma Ann Chason died 1912, Ipswich.

In 1906, Ipswich, Ernest, married Annie Laura Burton, born July, 1884, Ipswich.

They had 4 children:

Ernest Richard Chason Burton, born July 1906, Ipswich.

Priscilla M. Chason, born 1911, Ipswich – died 1912, Ipswich.

William George Chason, born February 1913, Ipswich.

Bessie Evelyn Chason, born September 1914, Ipswich – died 1916, Ipswich.

Soldiers’ Effects to Annie Laura Mortimer – widow, of 42, Black Horse Lane, Ipswich.

Ernest is also remembered on the war memorial at  St. Mary le Elms Church , Ipswich.

Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion. 84th Brigade

The Second Battle of Ypres was underway and the 1st Battalion was to suffer over a thousand casualties in six weeks with fierce fighting along the Salient. The Battle of Frezenberg Ridge and Bellewaarde Ridge were to take its toll on the 1st Battalion. At 10:00 a.m on the 8th May, the attack began with heavy shelling from both sides of all calibre, then came a cloud of yellow green poison gas that drifted through the British lines. Blinded and choking men continued to fight on still under a hail of bullets and shell fire. The shelling had cut most of the communication wires, with little information passing through. The exposed roads gave little shelter for the limited supply line. The German attack had overwhelmed the British, by noon the Battalion had 400 casualties with 12 Ipswich men dead and more to be killed or die of wounds in the following weeks.

Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion:

Suffolk Regiment Battalion movements

Friends of The Suffolk Regiment



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