Born: 25th July 1903, Gorton, Lancashire.

Baptised: 12th August 1903, at St. James, Gorton. Parents: Mary Jane & George Edward Mallon, an Engine Fitter. Address: 1, Hampden Grove, Gorton.

Died: 20th August 1943; age: 41; aircraft crashed into the sea off Mombasa, Kenya.


Rank: Flight Sergeant; Service Number: 350034.

Regiment: Royal Air Force, 209 Squadron.


Memorial Reference:

Column 269.

Alamein Memorial,



Relatives Notified & Address: Son of George Edward & Mary Jane Mallon; husband of Ruby Ada Mallon, of Ipswich.




1911   45, Beech Street, Gorton, Lancashire.


Ernest was 7 years old and living with his mother & siblings.

Mary Jane Mallon (nee Barker), 44, born Openshaw, Lancashire.

George Edward Mallon, 15, an Office Boy – Engineering Works, born Gorton, Lancashire.

Gladys Mallon, 11, born Gorton.

Alice Mallon, 10, born Gorton.

John Barker Mallon, 3, born Darlington, Durham.


Father: George Edward Mallon, 1866, born Gorton.


In 1929, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Ernest married Ruby Ada Mudd, born 1909, Ipswich.

They had 5 children.


20th August 1943

Aircraft: Catalina IB; serial number: FP302; based at Kipevu a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya. On the 20th August 1943, FP302 was taking part in a night time training exercise to practice depth charge attacks on pinnace ( a light boat). The Catalina clipped the sea with a wing whilst searching for the target and crashed at 20:00hrs. There were no survivors.


Edwin Ronald Brooke Roberts; Flight Lieutenant/Captain; age 27; R.A.A.F.

Gerard Euan Wallace; Wing Commander; age 28; R.A.F.V.R.

Ernest Hallas; Flight Sergeant/Air Gunner; age 23; R.A.F.V.R.

Stanley Borrill; Sergeant/Flight Engineer; age 41; R.A.F.

James Malcolm Snowden; Sergeant/ Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner; age 21; R.A.F.V.R.

John Mitchell Inglis; Flight Lieutenant; R.A.F.V.R.

Victor Bowring Field; Flight Officer; age 24; R.A.F.

Dennis William O’Leary; Flight Sergeant/Wireless Operator/Air Gunner; age 22; R.A.F.V.R.


Norman Edwards; Leading Aircraftman; R.A.F.V.R.


Wing Commander Gerard Euan Wallace’s mother was the Queen of Scandal, Lady Idina Sackville. An English aristocrat and a member of the ‘Happy Valley’ set, in the region of colonial Kenya, infamous for their decadent lifestyles.

In 1913, 20 year old, Lady Idina married Gerard’s father, Captain Euan Wallace M.C., a British Conservative politican. The effects of Euan’s unfaithfulness contributed to their marraige break down. In 1919, a heartbroken and humiliated Idina (now having affairs of her own), chose to leave Euan, unheard of in Edwardian society. By leaving the family home Idina lost her right to see her two sons David (also killed during WW2 in Greece) and Gerard. Euan took custody of their sons, and Idina moved to Kenya to start a new life – a frivolus and hedonistic life. She was famously elegant, fashionable, sexy and wealthy, she was photographed and painted by the most important people of the time, and her character depicted in books and films.

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  • …I have added him to the group of Air force casualties who died in Kenya. What is of extra to me is that the wing Commander (presumably pilot?), Gerald Euan Wallace. He was the son of Lady Idina Sackville/Wallace/Hay was was very much part of the ‘Happy Valley’ set all very well documented in ‘The Bolter’ by Frances Osborne. On getting divorced from his father, she lost custody of her sons, and both were killed in WWI, his older brother dying in Greece as part of SOE.

    One question -of the photos, are there any specifically of Ernest Mallon?


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