Emmanuel is not remembered on the war memorial at Christchurch Park, Ipswich.


Born: 18th May 1870, Ipswich.

Baptised: 13th April 1873 at Ipswich. Parents: Henry & Mary Setterfield.

Died: 22nd September 1914; age 44; killed in action with submarine in North Sea.

Residence: 4, Meadow Bank Road, Chatham, Kent.

Religion: Presbyterian.


Rank: Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class (Pensioner); Service Number: 160543 (Ch.).

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S.’Hogue.’


Memorial Reference:


Chatham Naval Memorial,




Next of Kin: Beatrice Setterfield, of Wiesbaden Maisonettes, Hortus Road, Southall, Middlesex.




1871   14, Falcon Street, Ipswich.


Emmanuel was a year old and living with his parents & siblings.

Henry Setterfield, 50, a Pork Salesman, born Ipswich.

Mary Setterfield (nee Stannard), 40, born Ipswich.

Henry Thomas Setterfield, 18, a Pork Salesman, born Ipswich.

Clara Stannard Setterfield, 9, born Ipswich.

Maude Mary Setterfield, 7, born Ipswich.

Ada Elizabeth Setterfield, 5, born Ipswich.

Harold Setterfield, 3, born Ipswich.


1881   14, Falcon Street, Ipswich.


Emmanuel was 10 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Henry, 60, a Pork Butcher.

Mary, 50.

Clara, 19, a Pupil Teacher.

Maude, 17, a Milliner.

Ada, 15.

Harold, 13.

Charles Hayes Setterfield, 8, born Ipswich.


1901   Ireland Island, Bermuda.


Emmanuel was 30 years old, a Chief Engine Room Artificer for the Royal Navy, on board H.M.S. ‘Tribune’ a Twin Screw Cruiser 2nd Class – Captain Archer A. C. Gallway.


1911   Canton, China.


Emmanuel was 40 years old, a Chief Engine Room Artificer for the Royal Navy, on board H.M.S.’Robin’ a River Gunboat. Emmanuel was 1 of 27 members of crew – Lieutenant & Commander Conno A.V. Douglas. Emmanuel was married.


In 1911, Emmanuel’s wife and family were living at the family home –  19, Medway Street, Chatham, Kent.

Beatrice, 30.

William, 7.

Beatrice, 1.

John Pridmore, 56, a retired Butcher, born Rutland – widowed father-in-law.

Catherine Mary Pridmore, 25, born Sheffield, Yorkshire – sister-in-law.

2 visitors – actresses.


Emmanuel’s father, Henry Setterfield died February 1894, Ipswich – a Pork Butcher. His mother, Mary Setterfield died 1912, Ipswich.


In 1902, at Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Emmanuel married Beatrice Annie Pridmore, born October 1880, Barnsley, Yorkshire.

They had 2 children:

William H. Setterfield, born 1904, Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland – died 1913, Medway, Kent.

Beatrice Setterfield, born July 1909, Chatham, Kent. Baptised: 5th September 1909, Chatham.


Probate to John Pridmore – butcher and Catherine Derrick (wife of Albert Edward Derrick).




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