Born: 21st August 1866, Bangalore, Madras, India.

Baptised: 26th September 1866, Bangalore, Madras, India. Parents: John & Susan Baldock.

Died: 19th October 1915; age: 49; Died of Dysentery, Kamaran Island, Red Sea.

Residence: Old Bank House, Long Street, Sherbourne, Dorset.

Formerly of 107, Christchurch Street, Ipswich.


Service from 1885:

First Commission date – 29th August 1885 – 108 Infantry.

Promoted – Lieutenant – 1892 – Lieutenant – Devonshire Regiment.

Promoted – Captain – 1902 in S.C.

Served in the Mhwairwara Battalion until it became the 44 Merwara Regiment.


Rank: Lieutenant Colonel.

Regiment: 108th Indian Infantry, Military Administrator Kamaran Cde.


Medal Awarded: Burmah medal with clasp.


Laid to rest in a grave with a stone tomb and bronze tablet at North Point Christian Cemetery, Kamaran Island.


Memorial Reference:

Maala Memorial No 2.




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of the late John & Susan Baldock.


Father: John Baldock, born 1830, Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire – died October 1905, Sherborne, Dorset. A Veterinary Army Officer.

Mother: Susan Baldock (nee Willmott), born 1841, Sherborne, Dorset – died August 1916, Yeovill, Somerset.




1881   Castle Green, Bishop’s Hull, Somerset.


Charley was 14 years old and a Scholar & Boarder at the school. Headmaster – Henry P. Knapton.


Charley was educated at Ipswich School – entered 1882.


Probate to Mary Kathleen Sydenham (wife of the Reverend Herbert Cecil Sydenham – Clerk) – sister.


Charley is remembered on the Chapel war memorial at Ipswich School.


Newcastle Journal – 6th November 1915


Lieutenant-Colonel Charley Blair Baldock, 108th Infantry, Indian Army (died on service), was born in August, 1866. He was gazetted lieutenant in the Devon Regiment in August, 1885, and in March, 1888, he transferred to the Indian Army, in which his promotion came in 1896 (captain), and 1903 (major), while in August, 1911, he was gazetted lieutenant-colonel with the command of the 108th Infantry. Colonel Baldock was an accomplished linguist, and held first-class certificates for Persian and for languages appertaining to India, and he had also qualified for Staff employment. Before the present war his active service had been seen in the Burmese Exhibition of 1887/8, and he was decorated with the Burmah medal with clasp.


Exeter and Plymouth Gazette – 19th November 1915

Lieut.-Colonel Charley Blair Baldock, commanding 108th Infantry, Indian Army, who died of dysentery on October 19th, at Kamaran Island, Red Sea, after a few days illness, was a brother of Mrs. Sydenham, the Vicarage, Yeovil. Lieut.-Colonel Baldock was born in August, 1866, and received his first appointment as lieutenant in the Devon Regiment in August, 1885. Three years later he transferred to the Indian Army, and in August, 1911, became lieutenant-colonel. He served in the Burmese Expedition, 1887/8, and was awarded the medal with clasp.

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