Born: 1917, Ipswich.

Died: 14th May 1940; age: 22; KiA during the night 14th/15th May – Grossenwald Outpost No. 15, Kalenhofen, near Remeling, held by the regiment.

Residence: 509, Bramford Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Trooper; Service Number: 858811

Regiment: Royal Armoured Corps, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, Lothians and Border Horse, B Squadron.


Grave Reference:


Choloy War Cemetery,




Father: Frank Allington Nunn, born August 1883, Woolpit, Suffolk. A Builder’s Labourer.

Mother: Helen Allington (nee Squirrell), born August 1885, Creeting St. Peter, Suffolk – died 1924, Ipswich.


Ballantine’s name is listed in the War Office Casualty List (No. 16) Tuesday 2nd July 1940 alongside 24 Officers and 108 other ranks. German forces rapidly thrust deep into France, cutting off many French and British units, then pushing north to the Channel ports.


www.1st lothians and border

Tuesday 14 May 1940

“Outpost No 15 was attacked during the night of 14/15 and Trooper Allington of B Squadron was killed. 2/Lt Otter-Barry’s report is as follows: On The night of May 13th Post 15 was raided. During the day Bosch patrols had been seen in the wood at our rear. At about 1030 I heard Sgt. Henderson, who held a post in the road and the rear of my post, opened fire with a Bren gun. About half an hour later he opened fire again and it was shortly after this that we heard some Jerries moving about inside our wires. We threw a grenade and the Jerries opened fire with pistols and a Tommy gun. We brought one Bren gun into action but it was too dark for any accurate shooting. The action lasted about half an hour during which Tpr. Allington lost his life. Shells were falling all around us both before and after the raid.”

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