Born: 1871, Ipswich.

Baptised: 12th May 1873, Ipswich.

Died: 6th April 1901; age: 29; KiA at Zeekoegat, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Residence: 301, Wargrave Road, Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows, St Helens, Merseyside.

Occupation: Pattern Maker – Iron Foundry.

Enlistment Date: 4th January 1900.


Rank: Sergeant; Service Number: 8974.

Regiment: 32nd (Lancashire Hussars) Company, 2nd Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry – ‘C’ Troop, Newton-le-Willows.


Clasps Awarded: Cape Colony, Orange Free State + Queen’s South Africa 1901 medal.




1881   25, Armoury Square Bristol Gloucestershire.


Arthur was 9 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

John Batty Oubridge, 40, an Iron Foundry Foreman, born Bristol, Gloucestershire.

Fanny Oubridge (nee Herd), 38, born Chelsea, Middlesex.

Dinsdale Oubridge, 16, a Pupil Teacher, born London.

Henry Oubridge, 14, an Apprentice Pattern Maker – Iron Foundry, born Ipswich.

John Alfred Herd Oubridge, 7, born Ipswich.

Fanny Bertha Oubridge, 1, born Bristol.

Richard Percy Oubridge, 7 months, born Bristol.


1891   299, Wargrave Road, Newton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire.


Arthur was 19 years old, a Pattern Maker – Engineer. He was living with his parents & siblings.

John, 50, an Iron Foundry – Foreman.

Fanny, 48.

John, 17, a Turner – Engineer.

Fanny, 11.

Richard, 10.

Grace Constance Oubridge, 9, born Bristol.

Matthew Oubridge, 6, born Bristol.

On the 18th August 1895, at St. Margaret’s Church, Toxeth Park, Liverpool, 23 year old, Arthur, a Pattern Maker, of Wargrave Road, Newton-le-Willows, married 22 year old, Annie Wright Cave, of 2, Crompton Street, Liverpool; born 1873, Earlstown, Newton-le-Willows.


Soldiers’ Effects to Annie Oubridge – widow.


Arthur is also remembered on the South African Boer War memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Hoghton Street, Southport, and at Town Hall, Newton-le-Willows.

The Boer War.

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