Born: 25th October 1869, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.

Enlistment Date: 1890; age: 18.


Rank: Gunner; Service Number: 79421.

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery, 7th Battery.


Medals Awarded: South Africa 1901 & South Africa 1902.




1871   Brig Yard, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.


Alfred was a year old and living with his parents & siblings.

Basham Hunt Langley, 44, a Labourer, born Holkham, Norfolk.

Elizabeth Langley (nee Secker), 44, born Wells-next-the-Sea.

Richard Langley, 21, a Labourer, born Wells-next-the-Sea.

Martha Langley, 16, born Wells-next-the-Sea.

Basham Hunt Langley, 13, a Farmer’s Boy, born Wells-next-the-Sea.

Harriett Langley, 8, born Wells-next-the-Sea.

Thomas William Langley, 5, born Wells-next-the-Sea.


1881   Brig Yard, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.


Alfred was 11 years old and living with his parents.

Basham, 54, a Labourer.

Elizabeth, 54.


1891   Grand Depot Barracks, Woolwich Arsenal, Woolwich, London.


Alfred was 19 years old, a Soldier ranked Gunner for the Royal Artillery.


Alfred’s mother, Elizabeth Langley died May 1889 – laid to rest 10th May 1889, Wells-next-the-Sea.

The Boer War.

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