Image from the Evening Star – 15th April 1942


Born: 1920, Ipswich.

Died: 21st August 1943; age: 23; Japanese PoW – Thailand – Burma Railway.

Captured: 15th February 1942 – Fall of Singapore.

Residence: 440, Bramford Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Private; Service Number: 5831234.

Regiment: Cambridgeshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion – Infantry.


Grave Reference:


Kanchanaburi War Cemetery,


Image courtesy of Kevin Knights.

Father: Harry Shelcott, born September 1899, Ipswich.

Mother: Lilian Maud Shelcott (nee Tubbs), born June 1902, Suffolk.




Alfred’s father Major Harry Shelcott, of the Royal Artillery, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, was recognised for his service in the Evening Star newspaper – 17th May 1945, on the occasion of his return home from India, after 11 years’ foreign service, aged 46. He first joined the Royal Artillery, at Woolwich, as a Trumpeter, at the age of 15. He saw service in India, twice. Harry was also with the 14th Army in Burma, during the Second World War. He was married with two sons – Alfred and John H. Shelcott, born January 1928, Preston, Lancashire – with the R.A.M.C.











Cambridgeshire Regiment.
The Battalion was attached to the 18th East Anglian Division.( including 4/5th Battalion the Suffolk Regiment)
15 February 1942: After the fall of Singapore, approximately 620 of the Battalions were taken POW and later mostly died on the Burma-Thailand Railway.


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