Born: 23rd February 1921, Ipswich.

Died: 6th June 1944; age: 23 KiA during operations at Normandy on D-Day 48 R.M. Commando embarked on the afternoon of the 5th June 1944 from Warsash, Hampshire and landed on the morning of D-Day on Juno Beach near Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, with the objective of assaulting the enemy strongpoint at Langrune-sur-Mar. Only fifty percent of the 48 R.M. Commando got off the beach unscathed.

Residence: 124, Robeck Road, Ipswich.


Rank: Marine; Service Number: PO/X108641.

Regiment: Royal Marines, 48 Royal Marine Commando, No. 4 Special Service Brigade.


Originally buried at St. Aubin-sur-Mer. Body exhumed, identified and reburied at Bayeux War Cemetery on the 29th November 1944.


Grave Reference:


Bayeux War Cemetery,




Father: Alfred George Johnson, born August 1901, Dover, Kent.

Mother: Rose Eliza Johnson (nee Bennett), born 1898 Ipswich.


Alfred is also remembered on the British Normandy Memorial, virtually opened by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, on the 6th June 2021.


48th Royal Marine Commandoes landed at Saint Aubin-sur-Mer, 30% of the landing craft were damaged or sunk on the beach defences and mines. Many landing craft caught up on the obstacles dropped their ramps, offloading the troops into deep water. Many Commandos drown swimming for the beach caring their heavy packs.
Supporting tanks sink in the soft sand giving the Commandoes limited support. Extreme resistance from the German defenders in well fortified positions. Close quarter fighting in the village. The 48th Closing the gap between Juno and Sword beach. 48th Royal Marine Commandoes push on to Langrune-sur-mer.

48 Royal Marine Commando.

48 Royal Marine Commando.

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