Albert is not remembered on the war memorial at Christchurch Park.


Born: 22nd October 1895, Ipswich.

Died: 30th December 1915; age 20; killed by internal explosion of vessel in Cromarty Firth.

Residence: Church Street, Wells-on-Sea, Norfolk.

Occupation: Baker.

Enlistment Location: Chatham, Kent; on the 22nd October 1913 Albert signed up for 12 years. Height on joining 5ft 3ins, height at 18 years 5ft 3 1/2ins. Fresh complexion, blue eyes & auburn hair. Brown birthmark on right ankle.



Ganges – Boy II Class – 9th May 1912 – 13th October 1912

Ganges – Boy II Class – 22nd October 1912 – 7th March 1913

Ganges II – Boy II Class – 8th March 1913

Ganges II – Boy I Class – 21st April 1913 – 21st April 1913

Crescent – Boy I Class – 22nd April 1913 – 21st August 1913

Pembroke I – Boy I Class – 22nd August 1913 – 10th September 1913

Natal – Boy I Class – 11th September 1913

Natal – Ordinary Seaman – 22nd October 1913

Natal – Able Seaman – 22nd April 1915 – 30th December 1915 – missing.

Character – Very Good.


Rank: Able Seaman; Service Number: J.17254 (Ch).

Regiment: Royal Navy, H.M.S.’Natal.’


Memorial Reference:

Panel 10.

Chatham Naval Memorial,




Relatives Notified & Address: Son of Frances Martha Skinner, of Staithe Street, Wells-on-Sea, Norfolk.




1901   Ethelbert Terrace, Wimborne Minster, Dorset.


Albert was 5 years old and living with his parents, sisters & paternal uncle.

Albert William Skinner, 33, a Malster’s Manager, born Ware, Hertfordshire.

Frances Martha Woodcock Skinner (nee Land), 38, born Docking, Norfolk.

Stella Daisy Skinner, 7, born Dereham, Norfolk.

Evelyn Land Skinner, 6, born Dereham.

Gertrude Elizabeth Skinner, 2, born Wimborne, Dorset.

Ernest Charles Skinner, 14, born Ware, Hertfordshire.


1911   Massey’s Yard, Wells-on-Sea, Norfolk.


Albert was 15 years old, a Baker’s Boy. He was living with his parents & sisters.

Albert, 42, a House Painter.

Frances, 48.

Stella, 17, a Dressmaker – own account – at home.

Gertrude, 12.


Albert is remembered on the war memorial situated on the British Legion Club at Wells-on-Sea, Norfolk.

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